Learning Guitar to Get Laid

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24 thoughts on “Learning Guitar to Get Laid

  1. this does not work, i repeat this does not work and is a goddamn waste of time!!

  2. Or maybe learn to play guitar properly, and get laid without being a douchey poser

  3. Sharp means that u raise It a half note up, It is found out that u can get the b#, but u need a piano with about 1000 keys :S

  4. he’s right. same with Cb and Fb!! like in Abm and Dbm (: also the double sharps and double flats!

  5. The sharp just means to raise it a semi-tone higher and there is nothing in between B and C so I think a C can be referred to as B#, it just isn’t common, just like no one says Bbb for A or A## for B

  6. well no and yes, because every note has a sharp except for E and B so technically speaking there is no note as B sharp … but ya u can call it a C i guess … B sharp being the next note after B

  7. Haha how come Amir is always the one being portrayed as the loser. Hes actually funny 😛

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