Learn ten easy bass guitar rock riffs

Ten classic bass riffs played slow with tab. Mostly easy. Would suit a beginner. 01 No More Tears – Ozzy 02 How Many More Times – Led Zep 03 Love Buzz – Nirvana 04 Under Pressure – Bowie & Queen 05 Bullet In The Head – RATM 06 Dazed & Confused – Led Zep 07 Stay Away – Nirvana 08 Rocket Queen – GnR 09 Fools Gold – Stone Roses 10 Lounge Act – Nirvana Enjoy the video. Comments welcome. FYI – Under Pressure is in a different key to the recording so just transpose it. Fools Gold is actually the guitar line not bass line, but I like it anyway. Follow the corrected tab for Dazed & Confused (not my fingers). Thanks to those who pointed these things out.

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47 thoughts on “Learn ten easy bass guitar rock riffs

  1. I’ll tell you this much… I can play a lot of stuff with a pick that most bass players can’t do using their fingers. You have to find a REALLY skilled finger-stylist that can match what a pick can do… THEN the guy using a pick can’t do it. LOL

  2. It depends on the song, the sound you’re going for, and your personal preferences.

    Sometimes playing with a pick is the best way to go… good luck playing “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters with your fingers for the whole tune, you might need to take a break after that. 😛

    As “hazebladevids” stated, it’s up to the player’s preference. The only thing that matters is it sounds great!

  3. well to answer your question most bass players that I talk to feel that if someone uses a pick, they could just be a guitar player playing a bass. It makes a bass feel less special when played with a pick. But that is just what I hear. I personally think that some tones must be played with a pick

  4. If you’re going to play with a pick, learn to mute your strings and roll some treble off the EQ. Sloppy technique is why a lot of people dislike of pick players. It’s not the pick itself, it’s that most pick players just don’t play well.

  5. Hehe your comment reminds me of a picture of Cliff Burton using a beer bottle as a slide. Don’t mind my random reply to your comment.

  6. Some of your tabs are missleading and your doing more then what they read…. misleading jerk!


    and it’s the sound that matters – how you get it, with or without a pick, isn’t the point. play with a beer bottle if that’s what the song calls for.

  8. I gave you a hard time about your name, but after seeing your vids, I must admit that you have great taste in music and play well. Sorry about the bad blood. keep up the good work brother.

  9. Marty, I’m from Brasil, city of Belo Horizonte, and I have subscribbed to your lessons.

    I actually happened to find you a very easy teacher. You are such a patient guy, your tips and lessons just sound so clear to me every time I check any of them. Dude, you really make it worth watching it! Thanks to Youtube I can acess your lessons and now thanks to you I have a reason why I should acess Youtube more often! Thnx pal! o/

  10. Always great vids!! One thing though… I’m thinkin’ it’s a C then the A to the E. That’s all I have to say about that.

  11. Marty is my guitar god. For when one desires the knowledge of a song, thou shall look to Schwarts.

  12. Thank you very much. But when i play it doesn’t sound like in the video, the reason may be because i have a classical guitar and not an acoustic one?

  13. another question is which part of the song is the A , C and Em chords? when he sings “hearts and toughts they fade, fade away”

  14. when you are doing the D chord, which strings do you strum?
    [I’ll be glad if you’ll tell the others too but they are quite obvious, so this one is pretty much what i’m asking..]


  15. Thx Marty! Always great videos.

    *** Can you do a video for Pearl Jam Immortality***
    Much appreacitive!

  16. excellent tutorial and great energy — enjoyed it a lot.. only one small recommendation though…. I think instead of going from the A major chord to C chord – – it makes more sense going to the G chord, then to the E minor….

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