Learn How To Play Easy Songs On Guitar – Pearl Jam – Style

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25 thoughts on “Learn How To Play Easy Songs On Guitar – Pearl Jam – Style

  1. G’day mate from Australia,Love your work Marty,I have been learning a lot from your videos and was wondering if you could do “the outdoor type” by the lemonheads.That would be awesome.

  2. can you please teach the song daughters by john mayer. i really love that song. in my guiter class at school were having a solo concert and me and my friend really want to play that song. so ifyou could teach that song in one of your videos i would love. p.s. i think your freaking awesome!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. i liked the way u teach but there is just 1 problem :(……………..i don’t understand the chord names….so can u please please please break it down little more?i really want to play it well…..

  4. i m only a beginner and i was just wondering whether is it possible to play songs or not like really easy ones but nice ones

  5. @MachineGunMike1 mary jane cheated on him and he got back at her by sleeping with Talent, but talent was secretly cheatin,… i give up .. hes too awesome to troll

  6. Great Lessons Marty,
    been watching a lot im a complete beginner, and epiphone les paul special ii arriving tomorrow so some hands on learning, not just theory and mental notes 😉

    Keep it up


  7. thank you so much, when you really practise, I never knew how easy it was to play guitar! you just taught me my first song 😀

  8. Marty - when I ever want to learn a new song I alwayd come to you! Thanks so much for always being so helpful.

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