25 thoughts on “killswitch engage guitar lesson

  1. @MrHey567 EMG 85’s in the bridge, going into a Maxon 0D09 Distortion then a Maxon Delay, into a Mesa Head

  2. Adam is the complete opposite of Dino Cazares… nothing against Dino but I like Adam a lot more.

  3. do these guys really answer back??? i would doubt it since they are making money. you know how that goes. but if im wrong and these guys are cool than my bad!!

  4. could you imagine if the rev if he was still here:( started hanging around adam and had like a side band project? that would be sick:) not only would they look like brothers but both crazy mawfukass !

  5. @yummpyummp Parker are better but if you are short of money a caparison is ok.
    good caparison-2500$
    good parker-3200,4000
    note: the price of the two parkers are signature modle fo AdamD

  6. what sounds do you guys use? I just recently got into amplitube? Do you have a preset you use (or would you be awesome enough to send me one)? I met Howard at a bed and breakfast in pittsburgh last year. My girl and I were on a much needed date. I made the old lady that owned the place put his signature on the bar. I wish I would have been more sober. The picture is good enough to remember. I just wish everyone there knew how amazing you guys are.


  7. @mustkillosama2 its not all about gain…actually a lot of gain wont make harmonic come out clear…its all about hitting the pinchy right and doin really badass vibrato

  8. @yummpyummp dude, firstly, i can do a pinch harmonic that will make u melt in jizz.
    second, i didnt write “i cant do them, or they are difficult” i commented on how insane and awesome they sound and are. so ye, dont write ts. :0

  9. @Nickhead87 Make sure you use lots of gain, but make sure it doesn’t make your tone sound bad.It’s all about gain and digging in.

  10. @Nickhead87 make string action higher, use only bridge pickup and adjust your scale length. and of course practice more.

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