John Mayer-“Who Did You Think I Was” Crossroads Festival 2010

The John Mayer Trio (John Mayer, Pino Palladino, Steve Jordan) play “Who Did You Think I Was” at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival. June 26, 2010 Toyota Park

Heres a Amazing Video which i thought i should post, its damien rice singing with acoustic guitar and some others.. enjoy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 thoughts on “John Mayer-“Who Did You Think I Was” Crossroads Festival 2010

  1. well anyways.. maybe different laws and regulations for each countries but i’ll clear it up my brother.. I just hope the drum set is a MINOR .

  2. Good God the Trio is so freakin tight. Pino and Steve are beast musicians alone, but put them together and add in Mayer, holy crap. I saw Mayer on his Battle Studies Tour and it was amazing, but I’d pay HIGH HIGH dollar to just see the Trio play.

  3. I love the bond musicians have with their instruments. They always look like they’re having sex on stage. lol

  4. I hate when youtube stops loading while I am listening to this song.
    it’s like someone interrupt you during sex.

  5. Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !

  6. this is beautiful damien so lovely but what about lisa she is not doing good on her own singing sorry to be blunt just needed to say , but hey you can do so well without her if need be , you have lots of followers , i love you for one and so do my friends xxx

  7. It’s not about breasts. It’s about change. He said that in an interview(it’s somewhere on YouTube. Search “damien rice interview”, and it’s the second part of the two part interview of which the first part will be the first result of your search). He also said that he’s often misunderstood. And you’re an example.

  8. ‘older gents sit on the fence cap in hand, lookin grand..they watch their city change’……i love Damien Rice. His lyrics resonate in such a powerful way!

  9. solo una palabra describe a damien rice ….GENIO …lastima por este mundo de mierda donde a la gente le gusta comer excremento y no delicias como esta hermosa cancion

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