John Lennon Imagine Guitar Lesson – Learn How To Play – Easy Acoustic Please Rate, Comment, Favorite and Subscribe to help this guitar lesson get more views. Thanks!! In this video guitar lesson you will learn how to play “Imagine” by the great John Lennon. I have a arranged the piano parts to be played easily on acoustic guitar with some basic chords and fingerpicking. “Imagine” is probably John Lennon’s most popular song outside of his work with the Beatles. Luckily, even though it was recorded on piano, it fits quite nicely on the guitar as well. There are 3 parts to learn for the full song and each one is broken down for you in this video guitar lesson. If you would like to see many more free video guitar lessons please check out http . There you will find tons of free video guitar lessons, PDF TAB downloads, forums, backing tracks, song lessons and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Your support at the main site is the only thing that enables me to do these free guitar lesson updates. Cheers!! Carl.. Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown

25 thoughts on “John Lennon Imagine Guitar Lesson – Learn How To Play – Easy Acoustic

  1. i clicked this vid with a poker face. then read comments.. and then, with all those praises and thumbs ups, I got really excited to watch whats in the vid now. (p.s. m writing this comment before watching the vid) 😛

  2. wow i jsuit come my home with my new guitar and i learned this in my first day tya lot……..

  3. This was really beautiful! But how do you get it to sound so loud without a pic? When I play it sounds really low and blunt.
    Any tips?

  4. Dear Carl 🙂

    How many times do I have to repeat the verse part ?

    Please reply fast

  5. Getting my first guitar for Christmas. I’ve already picked out a song to play! Thank you very much. Happy holidays to you all.

  6. Hi Carl, thanks for teaching me this great song. My kids loved it and they sang while I’m playing. I haven’t done a good job but I guess my kids were great. I already uploaded the video; you can check it out: YouTube search, “Imagine-John Lennon (kids cover)”, Uploaded by Averroestoday


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