Jim Liberato SMART Guitar Lesson 4

New Project 4
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www.licklibrary.com Watch The Full Webcast Here . Andy James suggests some tips for increasing speed and accuracy when playing guitar. This brief Andy James guitar lesson is from answers questions left over from the Andy James Webcast sent in by viewers of the webcast and Licklibrary members. The Andy James Web Cast is now available for licklibrary viewers to watch. www.licklibrary.com For now all our webcasts can be viewed here www.licklibrary.com
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24 thoughts on “Jim Liberato SMART Guitar Lesson 4

  1. that was nice…but whats going on with the upstrokes???my problem is that im playing the paul gilbert lick (3 note per string) but when im starting with upstroke and not with downstroke as it is..then i can never pick the 3rd note of this lick..my problem gets bigger when i play at all the 6 strings starting whith upstrokes..with downstroke i have no troubles..any ideas how to fix it???

  2. I’ve got a challenge for everyone… how many times does he say “you know” over the whole video

  3. The little new nugget I got from this is to try and think about accents, something we all do automatically, but probably a major part of why sometimes my playing feels liquid and sometimes I have potato hands.

  4. what i want to know is when he does those scales and licks fast does he double the notes

  5. @ 2:42 he says, “The Penny Drops.”

     I had to look up that saying. It means:

    -“A belated realization of something after a period of confusion or ignorance.”

  6. Pual Gilbert is good, I think Batio is better on the alternate picking tbh.

  7. does it matter what he sounds like or looks like if he can play that good?

  8. His voice kinda doesn’t match his body. I expected more bass. He sounds 19.
    And small.

  9. 1:21 i think he supposed to learn us how to play guitar not how to burn it and throw on the window

  10. Dude, you are a god… I accidently just flagged ur vid! Damn touch screen… Sorry.

  11. depends on how much you work on it, it could take a week, it could take a month
    but if you take it slow and gradually build up good technique and dont do it sloppy all of a sudden ull be andy james!

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