26 thoughts on “Jack Johnson – Sitting Waiting Wishing – How to Play Acoustic Guitar Songs

  1. Marty, thanks for schooling the dumb fish. this is like the tenth song ive learned from you and i got to say thanks alot., for your time and clarity. your really helping me advance my skills and i got mad love for ya man. Yesterday the blues scale in d, today Jack Johnson. ANd now i see ant know sun shiine when shes gone…. thats my next click.

  2. Hi Marty! could you teach “Constellations” by jack Johnson and “Muve on ” by Jet? thank you for your work! you’re great!

  3. hey marty, could you teach Here Goes Nothing by NeverShoutNever? probably not one of your typical lessons, but i’ve always wanted to learn how to play it and there are no good tabs anywhere!

  4. Can you do a video tutorial for gotye’s song Somebody That I Used To Know. I am looking for the version with capo 5 using Am, G, F. Help?

  5. the real question about that sneeze is why it was only one of ’em…
    thanks by the way, really helpfull..

  6. Dude, i was watching, had read the top comments but, i did not expect for that sneeze to be so EPIC! and literally straight back into form as well, bravo sir, bravo.

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