25 thoughts on “How to play VERY easy guitar songs/tunes- Teardrops on my guitar intro by Taylor Swift

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking everywhere for this (: … By the way, you’re very cute(:

  2. does it matter which finger u keep on a string?like if u put ur middle finger on the third string and i put my index finger on the third string will it make a difference in the sound?

  3. @battlecruiser28 Thank you for watching! I have many other VERY easy guitar tune videos, and I am now good enough to start doing covers, so if you subscribe be on the lookout for them. I am where I am not because of these little tunes that kept me playing! Please rate + subscribe!

  4. thanks mate this is a gr8 way of playin, i searched on all the popular guitar tab websites for this tab but to b honest they all got crap ones on lol, anywayz cheers 🙂

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