How to Play “Someone Like You” by Adele on Guitar

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25 thoughts on “How to Play “Someone Like You” by Adele on Guitar

  1. Hey jain, I’m a huge fan of you ! your the best ever !
    Can you please make a video how to play “Say you like me-We the king) its an awesome song !
    Thx for all videos you upload ! i learnd of all of them ! realy thanks …

  2. Hey I truly like your work, could you make a tutorial of the song “Lullaby” from Nickelback please? This is one of my favorites songs !!

    You rock !! 😀

  3. I was watching it then I was at the begining of the video “Okay..were doing someone(BUFEERS)” hahaha

  4. “A over G sharp” means that you play an A-Major and hold G sharp in the bass, actually 4th fret on E-String, to give A a different sounding. Pause at 1:44 and you will see what I mean. Hope I could help you at all 😀

  5. you are wrong in the picking!!!
    intro: put your 1st finger on the 3rd strig 1st fret, 2nd finger 2nd string 2nd fret
    and than pick (by string): 5 2 1 2 times four
    than : 3 2 1 2
    & some more picking…..
    if you want to know how to pick this song or any other piano written song real and good
    look in google for the sheet music of the song (the notes) whic is usually for piano but you can do the same in the guitar

  6. What she is playing is A over G sharp (it did sound a bit like D but she said G). How you play it is rather simple once it is explained. You bar a standard A chord (so using your index finger smash down, on the second fret, strings 2, 3 and 4). And other than that the only thing you need to do is play the 6th string on the 4th fret, using either your ring finger or pinky (whichever is easiest for you). And that’s it 🙂 Hope this helped!

  7. please could you do a video of mardy bum by arctic monkey’s plllzzzz, your realy good at explaining your vids thank sam

  8. I like Y playing and voice…,super wow !!!thanks so much !mahalo 🙂 …Petr warm greetings from czech rep.

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