How to Play Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man (Made Easy) – Learn Easy Songs on Guitar

This is a three chord song C G Am, that’s it! Easy to strum and sing, what a great song!


50 thoughts on “How to Play Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man (Made Easy) – Learn Easy Songs on Guitar

  1. Awesome Vid. And if the others read , it says made simpler. so yes the are
    some alterations in the video. even on stage those guys don’t play the same
    way every night. Thanks for the post Sir.

  2. Sorry buddy that’s not even close how Skynyrd played it, you should buy
    some sheet music from your local music store and learn that song! It is
    easy, stop teaching that , that is how they play it

  3. Yea…not good. Honestly no one would know what song you were playing
    unless you were Maybe singing along to it. Also the song is in E flat (1/2
    step down)

  4. i just got my guitar a couple weeks ago, its acoustic. i was wondering if
    its still sounds good to do those power cords on acoustic and how to do it
    right. really good video by the way.

  5. hey gene, me again, I recently got an electric guitar, how do you do those
    power chords? its hard to tell by the way you were holding the guitar

  6. Hey Jim! You and I share a lot of the same music taste. I had a look at
    your channel. NICE! Rock On Jim!

  7. Try that again….. I’m working this but it’s not easy for me to keep the
    tempo going as I pick each string. Really like the lesson though.

  8. Maaaarty please play some scorpions a video for “still loving you” and
    “humanity and “always somewhere” , “holiday” I know its a lot but u can do
    1 every month or 2 weeks 🙁 please 

  9. Fantastic! Been dying to learn this one for years but there haven’t been
    any good lessons! You’re the best Marty!!

  10. 1st comments! And all of your tutorials are awesome! I’ve learned so much
    because of these tutorials. Thanks!

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