How to play ‘Little Lion Man’ Guitar Lesson – Easy Mumford & Sons tutorial free lesson tab and backing. Free mp3 drum tracks like those used in this video at: This song is best suited for learning on acoustic guitar and requires a capo on the 5th fret. The lesson is designed for intermediates. Cheers, Andy Check out my other channels Enjoy Nail Guitar Licks? Click below to tweet it! Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook: Guitar Gear I Use: PS Looking for a complete step-by-step guitar learning system? Click the link for a great affordable course
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Click here for 3 free awesome blues lessons not on youtube!

49 thoughts on “How to play ‘Little Lion Man’ Guitar Lesson – Easy Mumford & Sons tutorial

  1. You are the only “how to” person who isn’t annoying as hell. Thanks and great tutorial 🙂

  2. It looks like a Tanglewood TW45-DLX-B. It is a Super Folk body. I have the Tanglewood TFA which is an Orchestra Body. Both of those body styles are smaller and thinner waisted than a dreadnought. I like the Cedar topped Tanglewoods.

  3. I’m confused on the trick when you go from F to C so it’s C with A string open then C with D string open then normal C????

  4. Thanks for uploading! This song is the song that made me pick up the guitar in the first place, so it was really nice to have a such a great tutorial THAT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE and ACTUALLY SOUNDED LIKE THE SONG. =)

  5. what a great instructional video thanks very much!! really appreciate people like yourself taking time out to do this… thanks!!

  6. Awww Andy I’m a little bit in love with you. I love it when I type in a guitar tut and Nail guitar has one!!! Cuz then I know I’m gonna Nail it (ha see what I did there!)

    Love ur tutorials and you xxxxx

  7. 76guitargunner, you are thinking of the cave. Little lion man is definitely player in standard tuning.

  8. All the covers I have seen sound good but why doesnt anyone play them the way Marcus does in an open D tuning? it is much easier to play and sounds a lot better.

  9. Definitely the best lesson for this song online. The strumming is the closets to the original and ahhh etcetera


  11. Hey marty. New watcher of your videos. You r by far the best teacher ive seen and heard. Well u and bob i should say. You both make it so easy. I only play rithem, i felt lead was just to hard,but u have changed my mind on this . Thank u very much. Love what im seeing and learnin from u. Thanks a million.

  12. Hey, you learned me and my friends right from One - Metallica to Sweet home alabama.
    We call you ”Hatty-man” 😀

  13. you are really good at guitar you should do some van halen and kiss that would be awesome.

  14. I love the southern rock inspiration seems how im from the south and always love to hear skynyrd

  15. hey marty, huge fan right here, listen, i have been playing, and the way my guitar sounds doesnt sound clear like that, its tuned in all, but just sometimes tends to sound scratchy, and i hate it! i really need your opinion on this one, i dont know if its the amp or what, but i really need your help, and btw just finished your series, and played our national anthem to my school, and got standing ovation, if you reply to this comment, i would be more than happy to make a vid of meplayingandsendit

  16. can you make a vid with GRAVENHURST nicole instrumental marty plz u gotta do this alltime fan

  17. Every time I search for a song I want a tutorial on, I’m pretty damn psyched when a Marty video pops up.

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