How to Play Fix You by Coldplay

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “How to Play Fix You by Coldplay

  1. Went to the Coldplay concert on the weekend and City and Colour was opening. Anyway please do a City and Colour tutorial!

  2. Loved the video Marty! I found it really easy to play:’) you’re an amazing teacher, thank you!
    And to you Jackass’. Buy a capo. Not his fault the song sounds totally different and bad without a capo.

  3. love the songs and stuff, but it says beginers and you say beginers but you said tips and stuff that you may havent seen before…. Uh, Beginers….

  4. It is but when you have annoying parents who never take you to go buy one cause your not 16 & can’t drive yet or get one off the internet you have to make due.

  5. come on man, im only 16 and I love the classics. America is a great band. You should definatley do a lesson of sister golden hair 🙂 anyways, great lesson as usual. keep up the amazing work!

  6. man im 22 and i grew up with this song, my father worked hard to instill a love for music in me, he used to like to ask me who played any given song on the radio and when i was older and working at the bar hed get a lil drunk and do it in front of his freinds like it was amazing i had rock knowledge  his freinds didnt care much but it made me feel good, and thus, is my love of music

  7. I have looked around for easy to follow guitar videos as I started self taught lessons a little over a week ago, one hour per day. I bought a book that has helped me recognize chords and since I played violin in school, it’s easy for me to comprehend music etc. Thanks for posting something easy to follow… I think a lot of good guitar players forget that the instrument doesn’t feel as comfortable to beginners as they think and tend to go a little fast. Thanks for showing strumming patterns!

  8. Lmao he looks like he’s bored out of his fucking mind. Thanks for the tutorial though. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this. I was following the instructions of someone else’s video but every time I listened to the song it seemed off. Then I watched yours and see why. Gah that was driving me crazy, thanks for setting me straight.

  10. Awesome! I have been playin by ear since a young age. After losing my children and dealing w depression, it all went away. Now it’s not like riding a bike for me. My fingers won’t work and it seems so hard to play. I used to have a plethora of instruments and a band of my own. I just can’t believe I’ve ‘lost’ it. :o( I found you by accident and am so grateful. You revive the era and songs I love so much; and the reason I won’t give up. Thank You. Namaste’. God Bless.

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