How To Play Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs Beginner With Guitar Chords Inspired by Coldplay

REQUESTS GO HERE THE WEBSITE!! NEW CHANNEL! http FOLLOW ME where I update first at also would love it if you subscribed to my PERSONAL PAGE at Capo first fret arranged for guitar by Marty Schwartz How To Play Easy acoustic Guitar Songs Beginner With Guitar Chords “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay Click the above link to get our free E book with the chords diagrammed out as well as chord changing techniques and lessons, fretboard diagram, and much more! www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from In this video we teach a very easy beginner chord progression in a classic rock style of many bands from that classic rock era. We also teach some new strum patterns broken down into easily digestible pieces. Its easy, fast and fun – with strum patterns and chord close ups. Many more full on video lessons as well as a FREE 3-day all access site pass at the full on video instructional website at:

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48 thoughts on “How To Play Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs Beginner With Guitar Chords Inspired by Coldplay

  1. Marty you are a star and a big help for my guitar learning and general feeling about my guitar playing. Thank you!

  2. @pyrolaf2 yeah man its just muscle memory. soon when you hear c chord ur fingers will just fall into place. keep at it dont give up

  3. Ive tried a left handed guitar., its the high notes to the top and bass notes at bottom..anything else doesnt make sense to me.

  4. @kdkittykat5 Umm sounds a lot easier to just tring your strings the other way and make it a left handed guitar….

  5. Does anyone know anyone who can teach a upside down played guitar…my high notes are at top….have tried for years to learn to play both left handed and right handed. My guitar is right hand strung..but left hand played..bass notes are at bottom..where they

  6. wow i cant belive how bad i am its awful really it is ive been practicing for 1monthand a 1/2 and still cant even play the first note of a song!!!!someone help please!!!!!!

  7. well could u actually tell us how many times to stum the chords and which one is next i would actually like this video

  8. Hi David, just want to say thanks, I’ve been playing for 30 years and teaching beginners to intermediate level, love your teaching style and helpful info. Nice work. Sweet guitar by the way

  9. good job but use your ring and middle finger for your Eminor it’ll make it alot easier to move to your Emajor

  10. Hi, I have been playing bass and electric guitar for a couple of years and fancy learning acoustic, just wondered what people here think of as a good multi purpose steel string brand for around 500Us/ £300 UK? Cheers a lot guys, keep rocking 😉

  11. So far the best guitar teacher, IMHO. And I don’t mean the most skilled one, but the most inspiring one!
    Thanks a lot, your online lessons are so helpful!

  12. im a very experienced guitar player and i still come here. something new every day. thanks dude

  13. @AcousticTeen There’s nothing wrong with being personable with a lesson, i’d rather have my teacher comfortable with what he is doing than being all stiff and nervous. It just makes it more enjoyable to listen and pick up.

  14. hey david im a intermediate guitarist as my guitar teacher said but is having an a acoustic good for songs for your gal

  15. Thanks for saying it okay to practice with electric.I don’t like practising on my BORING acoustic.I think it’s very important to buy a guitar that you really like and that is playable for yourself so you don’t get bored and frustrated.

  16. Learning this is easy, i’m watching, and playing. I thought this would be a tad difficult, i was wrong!

  17. Stop by and check out my new song “Can’t Breath” for my new band, “Smoke Like A Demon”….Just made this song up on the guitar…

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