How To Play Clocks By Coldplay On Guitar

3 bestselling apps FREE today: Clocks by Coldplay is a great beginner´s guitar song, and this video will serve as your guide to learn how to play it. As your instructor Jen explains, learning this song will be a great way to impress at parties as well as enjoy music….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Song demo. Also a backing track. Music by Marc Tremblay
Video Rating: 5 / 5

23 thoughts on “How To Play Clocks By Coldplay On Guitar

  1. I dont play guitar so other ppl think im incredible i dont even play for others im playing for my self to enjoy it……

  2. i took all the non essential talking off my clips, because i realized people really aren’t fascinated by my stream of consciousness blah blah. consider that.

  3. @TheOfficialMG you just strum it. I don’t think you need to strum all the strings at once, just the strings associated with that note. Say for the D, you would mainly strum the bottom three strings. Meanwhile for E minor, you might mainly strum the top 4. Hopefully that makes sense. People with more training could probably explain it better.

  4. Great video and explanation. I learned most of the song in about two minutes. But there is one part that I didn’t see demonstrated. I know most of the bridge is F-C-G but right before the main progression starts again, there is two notes that are played that sounds different than the rest of the bridge. What are those notes that are played at the very end of the bridge?

  5. hay thanks to you i am really learning how to play my guitar’s.I know all my cords and bar cords. but i never learned how to play any songs “sad I Know” but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LESSON you have really change my world.

    can you teach us (every rose has its thorn by poison) (acoustic)


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