GuitarLessons | Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

In early 1999, Pearl Jam recorded a version of “Last Kiss,” a ballad done by J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers in 1964, which it sent as a single to members of its fan club. By March, “Last Kiss” was getting regular airplay on Los Angeles’s KROQ-FM. It quickly spread to other stations in the country, which did not please Pearl Jam, which had refused to release a single since its first album. It found a compromise when it agreed to the single’s inclusion on No Boundaries, an Epic Records compilation to benefit Kosovo refugees. Check out our site for more guitar lesson. I would like to thank Universal Music Group for granting me permission to keep this cover up and allowing me to use this track. This backing track *does not* contain Pete Townshend’s guitar. There is some very light acoustic guitar in some parts. Roger Daltrey’s vocals are swimming in reverb. The drums and bass sound like the track used on the record. The reverb really makes it sound muddy but it’s all I’ve got. I am playing the part in the video live – obviously. During the solo I added a very light second guitar in the background as was done on the record.

23 thoughts on “GuitarLessons | Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

  1. What string gauge do you use for this cover?… cause it sounds really good. I have .09’s on my tele but i can never get the right tone for this song. Awesome cover!!!

  2. astoundingly good, totally nailed and a reminder just to how good Pete Townsend’s rhythm playing is

  3. I don’t think you should learn it from tabs,it’s better to learn it be ear, it is much more rewarding in the end Use Twangy’s cover if you are stuck, he is pretty much as accurate gets when it comes to figuring out the song. Just my 5 cent.

  4. This is on my list of greatest songs of all time. Excellent cover may i add!

  5. @xXFallenHazeXx Just type in the internet, “The who won’t get fooled again free backing track”

  6. sounds good through the sg. peter actually, believe it or not used a 1957 gretsch chet atkins model on every track of the ‘who’s next’ album.

  7. very nicely done blind and deff people didnt watch or hear this vid

    im trying to learn this song as well, but im as far as hell lol, i just cant remember all of it, and when i read it i have a hard time figuring out the timing of every note
    but anyways, it’s flawless, great job
    ps: if you could tell me where you got the tabs, that would be great 😀

  9. Well it looks like 7 people died by surrexposition……to very good rock .

  10. I can’t believe 7 people dislike this video.

    It’s an absolutely awesome cover of the song, the best one I’ve seen

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