Guitar Lessons – Rock Guitar Lessons – Chords – Power Chords like ACDC,The Who, Led Zeppelin

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25 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons – Rock Guitar Lessons – Chords – Power Chords like ACDC,The Who, Led Zeppelin

  1. @wowdezare haha awesome! keep at it and youll be a great composer. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, Im taking music as a minor in college so I know some stuff… just as long as it isnt really advanced theory haha

  2. @Mezik88

    hey thankings alot actually. i started looking at some musical theory lessons online and on youtube and this does help. i know what a third is now! and ima keep learning some more.

  3. @wowdezare just count up four half steps. For instance a C. C to C#, C# to D, D to D# then D# to E. That will give you the major third, if you want a minor chord then only count up three half-steps. To get the fifth, then go up seven half-steps… starting from E we already know that from C to E is four half-steps, now go up only three more half-steps from the E. Hope that helps!

  4. @psychorockz123 It’s a Gibson SG, not really a beginners guitar though (cost anywhere up to and around £2,000

  5. is there a way to be able to tell what the third is in every chord? i know the root is the lowest note but how do you know the third and fifth.

  6. Sweet . . . heck yeah . . . I was sitting here going . . . . “duuhhhh, Youtube.” This is superdopalicious of you. Thank you!

  7. Aww Man your such a genius!!!
    Respect learned a lot with the help of your vids
    Thanks a lot Marty

  8. hey what guitar u using? im a beginner so ws chekin out sm good electric guitars. cud u recommend me sme.. i realy lyk ur guitars sound!

  9. @dontcarewatuthink oh lol. nice XD whoops didnt meant o click vote down. finger slipped. srlsy tho it did

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