Guitar lesson learn scales in 3rds pentatonics and major Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from In this lesson learn how to play scales in 3rds for a killer sound and cool riffs. Demonstrated here with minor pentatonic scale and the major scale
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Steve talks about his gear and the evolution of his sound at Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. The audience included 10 courageous and talented guitarists who entered the Guitar Center Private Sessions contest. Each winner was hand-picked by Steve.

50 thoughts on “Guitar lesson learn scales in 3rds pentatonics and major

  1. @guitar0124 well, by hearing melodies in there. Learn “licks” and integrate them in your playing.

    So just take say 3 notes from you scale, and bend them, alternate, go crazy, but really simplify to 3 notes.

    Then the big thing is arpeggios or concentrating your solo around the strong chord tones.

    Whole neck? If you’ve learnt one pentatonic box, learn the other 4 and flow from one to the next. Thats complex, so start with learning the “extended scale” for box one to get that! Good luck!

  2. how do you improvise with scales? when ever i try to improvise i always playt the scale up and down with bends and slides how do you use the whole neck? and make it sound less like a scale

  3. dave, i see a picture of EVH in the background next to the breadwinner. how about we get some lessons on tapping and EVH riffs? I can play some EVH, but there are a lot of tricky licks in the EVH style.

  4. Very helpful! I have been playing a while and my scales have always been “boring”…thanks!

  5. a good example of this is the solo for “love gun” by Kiss. Pretty sure that its the same thing anyway. Either way its a kick ass solo man

  6. why are they called G#? I’m sorry, I never learned notes… I’m going to learn tabs and chords and wonderd if i could combine pentatonic scales which that too?

  7. thumbs up for 3 fools that don’t have F@#$!&g glue. @cketelae sorry dude can’t help as to where from but my brother has got it and others I’ll hit him up where he got them froim uses them when he’s busking.

  8. my guitar teacher didn’t like steve vai. he said he was too modest, so i said “He’s just really happy to be Steve Vai” I would be too

  9. @Sean2592 Considering the fact that he’s more famous than any of whitesnake’s guitarists, and since Whitesnake isn’t wildly popular anymore, he probably wouldn’t be more famous than he is now. He played for whitesnake at their peak of popularity.

  10. See all of those really nice, expensive guitars up on that wall? I bet if Steve hung his Jem on the wall right in the middle for ever, no one would look or buy any of the other guitars on that wall! They would only worship Steve’s Jem!

  11. @MetalzShredah550 I am not your friend, your ‘chat buddy’, nor do I give a fuk about U in N E measure whatsoever. U R just a troll-tard who comes on here denying obvioius, verifiable facts – such as the fact a set-neck all-mahogany guitar sounds better than the Jems Steve uses. I never read your troll vomit. I simply re-post this obvious, verifiable fact so U can’t push it off the page. I suggest U find a real hobby – maybe get into athletics or something =) Would do U good!

  12. Opinions, opinions, everyone has them. Steve Vai will use what his ears dictate he likes.
    You really don’t know anything about guitars. He has amazing tone right now.
    You really suck as a troll. Go back to 4chan and take some lessons on how to troll instead of failing hard right now.

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