Guitar Lesson: Fast Car – Tracy Chapman – How to play intro&Verse&Chorus

Welcome to another guitar lesson to learn how to play Fast Car by Tracy Chapman with this online instructional youtube video. The whole song is covered in this lesson. If you use the annotations it is possible to skip certain parts which is handy for those who learn fast. I’ve also changed some things in the presentation of the video like split screen to show left and right hand more clearly and bigger chord diagrams during the explanation of chords. Hopefully these things make it easier to view these vids also on your blackberry, iphone, or other smart-devices. Enjoy this all-time guitar classic! André Check out the website: Follow me @ twitter Join me @ facebook: My UG profile:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson: Fast Car – Tracy Chapman – How to play intro&Verse&Chorus

  1. what i do instead of getting the sort of dumb sound on intro, instead of the full finger pick technique on the open 2 strings, just pluck the b and you get a much smoother tune.

  2. thanks. i cant play guitar that well but this is a great help. can you do ukelelea tutorials??

  3. How’s it feel watching your team lose at home in game 7 of the Stanley Cup? Go Bruins!!!!! oh thanks for the tutorial though

  4. @TheAmySanders none taken! but I do disagree with you on that extra pluck. In the original it’s played for the first time (that additional pluck) at 0:20 –> there you can clearly here the extra pluck, before not so much.
    It’s just a variation, you can play it or leave it out, but to say it’s wrong without it… i dont know…

    off-course, you should always play it the way you think it sounds best. its a nice song in any case…

  5. @chriskpdoherty its an intro I wrote for the “acoustic sessions”, but since more people have asked about it, maybe I’ll turn it into a song, who knows 😉

  6. @Supersean619 lol, the guy from britains got talent right?! I must say, I you look at the statistics, most people who watch this tutorial are from the UK 😉

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