Guitar Hero YYZ

Proof I am awesome at real guitar: The fretboard is done by recording the video feed simultaneously with another camera, and laying it on top with Adobe After Effects. Much respect to Roadies Josh Goldsmith and Brandon Laatsch, concert videographer Kevin Klauber, and of course Daniel Johnson.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Guitar Hero YYZ

  1. nah this is the real difficulty

    freddie wong
    danny johnson

  2. Lol if you look above the on the blue button role, you’ll see a random white thing come out of nowhere.

  3. oh wow i remember watching this a long time ago. I didnt look at the username freddiew. So earlier this year I watched some freddiew and went to most popular and fricken look what I find. Ah da memories

  4. Any good player can do this song 100% normally or blind folded, but it takes a pro to make moves while playing it. That’s why during the world series, one of the judging criteria is how challenging you can make the song be.

  5. ha freddie wong #1 gh player in the world wrong danny gh phenomon johnson will kick your butt ghp has more world records and has fc custums songs those are impossible songs

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