Gospel Bass Lesson @ GospelChops.com featuring Justin Raines – Bass Solo

GospelChops.com Exclusive bass lesson featuring veteran bassist, Justin Raines. Justin Raines is currently accepting new bass students in the Boston/New England area. For more info, contact jraines.lessons@gmail.com or visit www.gospelchops.com BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 2 COMING SOON!!! FOLLOW GOSPELCHOPS ON TWITTER!! @Gospel_Chops — Buy GospelChops DVD’s at http
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25 thoughts on “Gospel Bass Lesson @ GospelChops.com featuring Justin Raines – Bass Solo

  1. I love these lines, I’m fairly new at the gospel , funk thing…was wondering if you an give a shoort tutorial on a slow A, D… B#”, C— however your hear the song– I like your licks, kinda goes like this A “Ifeel your grace in me….. my love for u is never gonna die.. D…….C then resolves in G, I would like tou hear your take take.., I can email u drums w/ click trax if your interestd…. hope tu hear from u

  2. I understand what you mean but I think Justin is trying to lay foundations with this lesson. Justin said “when you know your arpegions its limitless”. Besides, he only played major arpegios, if he had gone into minor, augmented and diminshed then it would have sounded different. GB 🙂

  3. They way you broke this down is amazing. You made it really easy to learn simple licks and chordal variations, especially for someone just getting into gospel. Thanks man, you have a great gift from God, and you’re sharing it with us, the younger generation.

  4. bro thank you so much for taking in consideration 4 string bassist haha, you rock, you have a God given talent, do you have a CD out? like as a solo artist?

  5. Great video. Confusion about positions though. Position is like you said, which fret you position your index finger (fretting hand).
    It’s better to talk about chords as root position (root is lowest note), 1st inversion (3rd is lowest) and 2nd inversion (5th is lowest) etc to avoid confusion.

  6. im studying a course for law. wish i was gonna be a musical lawyer when i grow up. i been playin guitar for about 5-6 years now and im 17 now and about to be 18 on my bday on october. you know, since i have no guitar for almost 5 months now, my life is incomplete 🙁 when i grow up, im gonna rock the court room down in front o da judge!

  7. @ 3:39 Hmmm!! isn’t the 1st fret 1/2 position and the second fret 1st position? if I’m right why did he say that the 1/2 position is the 1st position………..?

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