Free Bird Guitar lesson

how to play free bird by Lynard Skynard tabs: – Luthier Galeazzo Frudua advanced tutorial for guitar repairmen on setting bridge strings height how to setup your Stratocaster or setting up a Strat or generally adjust the action and strings height on your electric guitar. guitar lesson, guitar set up, guitar…
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  1. I was playing my guitar while i watched the video, and i did the exact lick at 6:20 about .5 seconds before he played it in the video hahaha
    mind = blown

  2. I used to think of this as some kind of black magic, but i just did the best set up iive ever had on my guitar, and did it myself. Thats very empowering, Thanks from New York. 🙂

  3. Awesome! Very easy and useful technique! I’ll do it on the guitar Tagima Brazil T-635 from my church. Very good tip. Thanks.

  4. @O2N2Concepts If you have a 6 screws tremolo you problably have shims in the neck pocket which are increasing the angle and therefore make an inpsction and in case remove some. If you have a two pivots tremolo just raise the pivots themselves

  5. Hi I can barley get 1.5mm clearance on any of my strings because the saddles seem too low and the hex screw goes in too far and nearly to the end of the thread even at 1.5mm. Is there any way to increase the hight of the whole tremolo unit?

    Thanks for your videos theyre great 🙂

  6. I spent almost an hour looking for that damn allen key, but finally i found one in my dads tool box.

  7. great vid! iv just put texas specials in my strat but im not the best at soldering wires,,,if the wires are not soldered as a pro job will this affect the tone? although the wires are in the right places….. keep up the good work !

  8. @Thumpstarrr You probably need a fret dressing or have some frets lifted which need reglueing.

  9. @edwwui I simply think that everyone has his own touch, his own strings gauge, his own taste for what concerns strings height, so how there might be just one single universal strings height good for everyone?

  10. @edwwui @edwwui He gave his height measurement to the top of the string. Usually measurements are taken at the bottom of the string. Also, as has been said, there is no standard height, it is personal style and preference.

  11. im so very impressed he uses real life objects like business cards for reference rather than specific tools. Mr Frudua you are so cool

  12. Can u put a video on avoiding grounding noise on strat pls…..
    Here is the link for the problem facing by my strat

  13. @Thumpstarrr Check for other things like: There are no bends or kinks in the string, the buzzing isn’t something else like a loose tuning peg or pickup screw, whether the sound stops or not when the buzzing occurs, your truss rod is setup properly etc.

  14. @edwwui

    String height is a very personal thing. Depending on your attack and style you may need a higher action. If you are guy who relies on legato you can get away with low string action.

    Paul Reed Smith has a good rule of thumb…..when in doubt go a little bit higher.

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