25 thoughts on “Flea Bass DVD Lesson

  1. The last five minutes are very inspiring… Flea’s advice to aspiring bassists – find the bassline inside of you and make sure you’re a good listener and supporter of your band, don’t try to show off (too much!). 🙂

  2. flea is actually so intelligent, wouldnt think it to look at him and his stage performances would you 😀

  3. They are very basic, cheap basses. Good for beginner and entry-level players. I’d get one if you’re just starting out, as they’re “high-end” for the cheaper basses, but you’re definitely gonna want to upgrade.

  4. Is the Flea Bass a good enough bass? I plan on learning a lot of technical things from RHCP. But I will also be playing a lot of Punk songs, + Angels and Aiirwaves and Blink-182 etc. If im using an Ampeg Micro VR stack, will this bass sound good enough for that music?

  5. 41:50 I like how he needs to discharge his funk every now and then to keep going. Showing some simple stuff and then going on a wild solo as an example.

  6. Active the subtitles ! The bass talks on 40:08: baru 42:11 hack 42:18 happen and in others parts

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