Fireflies (OWL City) – Most Advanced Acoustic Guitar Cover + Tabs

Fireflies guitar cover played with the original intro and parts of the bass and string arrangement!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “Fireflies (OWL City) – Most Advanced Acoustic Guitar Cover + Tabs

  1. I love how you’re so into your music!! You’re 10x better than amazing.. the sound is just PHENOMENAL! I definitely idolize you and the way you play. I promise you I can’t stop clicking the replay button! 😉 Keep working at your music! It’s musicians like you that move people with their music! 🙂

  2. Smoothest… version… ever dude!! Freakin’ sweet. Thanks for giving me hope in humanity again, there are still folks who know what’s good.

  3. @Zamm0055 the reason it shines not only in sunshine but ring shine is that saturn has ice particles in its rings the moon enceladus an icey moon of saturns which has a key role in bring ice particles and forming the rings of saturn cause enceladus has ice water gysers on its surface and thats why you get the rings of saturn

  4. @rainbowsalads I’m not sure, I think I watched that a few months ago. I’m not totally sure but he was talking about the colour spectrum how it just goes on forever and like all the different types of rays and infrared light etc. It might be Bang Goes The Theory hmm.

  5. @ImTellingOnYoo in “can we make a star on earth?” , he talks about what the distant stars are made from, by looking at the spectrum of light. ( a bbc horizon. docu)

  6. Probably the most beautiful set of science documentaries since Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’.
    Definitively a MUST WATCH!!!

  7. We live on a world of wonders. A place of astonishing beauty and complexity. We have vast oceans, and incredible weather. Giant mountains and breathtaking landscapes. “If you think that this is all there is, that our planet exists in magnificent isolation, then you’re wrong”

  8. Anyone remember a Brian Cox programme where he’s talking about a spectrum and all the things included in it? This reminded me of it but i’m not sure where I saw it from.

  9. I really hate to be that guy, but does anyone know the name of the song from around the 45:20 mark? I tired using SoundHound but it cant get much because he is talking over the top.

  10. @cheapy2006 Not if we pull our heads out of our asses and forsake all of the ridiculous greed theology bullshit. We have the smarts to advance and colonize space. Tradition, religion, and the monetary system are holding us back.

  11. “when it goes, it’ll be the end of us all” bwahahahahaha. . . what arrogance! we’ll be extinct millions of years before then.
    Varanassy is the stinking arse hole of humanity

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