Electric lead guitar easy rock licks and riffs lesson

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48 thoughts on “Electric lead guitar easy rock licks and riffs lesson

  1. Like if you’re like me and started watching Martyzsongs when you only had a acoustic and could go into the computer room with it to play while watching the video and then your parents finally bought you an Electric guitar with a amp and you start watching these like “FUCK I cant lug all this into the computer room!” 🙂

  2. hi marty, could you please do a justin haywood (moody blues) guitar lesson on how to play forever autumn as i cant find one anywhere on youtube and if anyone can do it, you can cause your the man. thank you and keep up the great tutorials

  3. interesting video! it’s good to see other peoples playing styles and licks! thanks for posting!

  4. I love your tutorials Marty! Can you please make one for Angie by the rolling stones? Thanks!

  5. My god, I looked at my XBox around 9:00pm, thinking that I might play some COD or something, then saw my guitar in the corner of my room and decided to learn a new song. It’s now 1:00am, and I still don’t wanna quit playing new songs. THANK MARTY!!!

  6. Marty – first off, great lesson on a great song. Secondly, what brand/make guitar are you using here? It has a really nice, mellow sound..

  7. Marty I literally only use your instructional vids!! They are awesome!!! Man can you do some CREED??????!!!! Inside us all would be legit!!!!!

  8. marty schwartz, just want to say you’re an inspiration to all us noobs 🙂 you can play @ the highest level yet you still take the time to play and teach the basic stuff, really truly you’re the best thank you. Jake

  9. Marty, you’re the greatest! I learn tons from you. If I ever get out your way I’d love to meet you. Love the shirt! It’s a staple in my wardrobe. - Jay

  10. If your strings are old, then you will get a much duller sound. Also, watch how you strum. Use strong swipes, not crappy little mouse-using-a-broom swipes. Also make sure you’re tuned right! A good player can make any guitar sound good!

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