Easy Guitar Songs – How to play Cocaine by Eric Clapton on Guitar

www.bigrockguitar.com for the tabs and more. This video teaches you how to play the main guitar parts of cocaine by Eric Clapton. It ends with putting them all together in a demonstration to play along with. I hope it helps some people with their guitar playing journey!

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44 thoughts on “Easy Guitar Songs – How to play Cocaine by Eric Clapton on Guitar

  1. @BigRockGuitar quiero ver como tocar la canción, no perder el tiempo. No ayudas en nada, chau

  2. @ginosupernova Sí, la idea es enseñar no sólo para mostrar y jugar. Si quieres ver la canción reproducida hay un montón de otros videos para ver.

  3. I only got the first bit of Cocaine lols but a very well- put lesson, sure learnt a lot from it! Thanks!

  4. Man, you are a great techer…this IS the best lesson available for Cocaine online. You rock…make it look easy and it becomes easy when i play after watching you now.. Hope to see you put up more lessons…

    Keep Rockin (and teachin 🙂 )


  5. Hey, thanks for posting this, it is one of the best!!!!!! Your act of helping others tells me a lot about you!!!! It don’t come easy for some people like me, but with your help i am picking it up. God bless you!!!! Rocco from Alabama

  6. yeah good lesson man, althou that ghost thing freeked me out, i was vaging and then that happened and i was like wtf ?

  7. hi my freind that  makes me very happy to see people share with me the same passion i am in fact an advanced singer but i need really some profesionel lesson so that my singing improves notably

  8. I bought a M6 first (2002) because I wanted the electronics a five years later I saw the s6 at a music store for $299 so I bought it too. Both sound great and good action.

  9. Feeling the love here- Its like we have watched you learn from the start Tim and now you are on the road to rock-Lessons on solo’s next eh 🙂

  10. Thanks Tim. Really a good little lesson,,,and the little ghost thing was crazy man 🙂 5*’s to Tim da man!

  11. Tim, I really look forward to your videos, my only complaint is they don’t come often enough. Keep-um coming and KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!

  12. This doesn’t mean big companies will disappear. To say that startups will succeed implies that big companies will exist, because startups that succeed either become big companies or are acquired by them.

  13. First song I learned… taught myself the main riff the day I got my first guitar. Definitely a great song for a beginner.

  14. I’ve got a Seagull M6, I use Dean Markley GoldBronze strings. It’s got a great sound – bright but mellow because of the cedar top. I like it more than my other Seagull (artist studio – has a spruce top). My other guitar is a Martin DX1RGT it has a spruce top – I like the M6 more. Both are reasonably priced. I’m a beginner. both play easily and sound great. Seagull has a wide neck on their guitars, but I find it easy.

  15. Cheers tim.
    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good acoustic to buy that’s not too pricey?
    I’m playing a washburn d10s at the moment and its pretty good, but I’m a double bass player firstly and I know how a good instrument really makes a difference. I was thinking maybe a Seagull with a cedar top?

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