Easy Acoustic Guitar songs for beginners – Axis of Awesome chord lesson

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25 thoughts on “Easy Acoustic Guitar songs for beginners – Axis of Awesome chord lesson

  1. i tried this on my guitar and it sounded nothing like this. my guitar might be out of tune, though…

  2. gosh its a Taylor guitar! no wonder..!! i was listening to it without looking on e screen and wow.. taylor guitar awesommeeeee

  3. i really like that interval you were playing at the end, i want to try using it in one of my own songs but am not sure what chords or scales i can use with these new chords or how they can be used in a certain key. any suggestions?

  4. @rockongoodpeople I don’t think this is really a beginner lesson. I mean, I’ve been playing acoustic for four years now and benefit from this! Maybe not the strum patterns (Not a big fan of learning all these patterns, I can nevewr quite get myself too. 😛 PRobably ’cause my church worship team that I learned to play on is more of an improv strumming kind of band.) but DEFINITELY the chords. Love all these open chords which you can move around. Thanks for the vid!

  5. Man, I LOVE your guitar. I’m not a fan of Taylors either, but I just LOVE that one. My acoustic looks kinda’ like it but with a Sitka top and a pickguard. I prefer guitars without pickguards though, look better I think

  6. Yes – the guitar I am playing in this lesson is a Taylor GS5 – cedat top and tropical american mahogany back and sides – killer guitar!
    rock oN!
    David T

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