Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons

“A Change of Seasons” is the first track from the EP “A Change of Seasons” by United States progressive metal band Dream Theater. It is a metal suite with lyrics written by drummer Mike Portnoy and is the band’s fourth longest song, behind “Octavarium” (24 minutes), “In the Presence of Enemies” (25 minutes, 38 seconds), and “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” (42 minutes, 4 seconds). According to Portnoy’s answer to a question in his website FAQ: “Basically, I took a lot of personal incidents, like losing my mother and a couple of things that happened in my life, and I wrote them into the lyrics. Like, on a smaller scale, I wouldn’t try to compare it with this, but when I listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, there are a lot of emotions there – just a lot of frustrations and anger. He goes full circle, the character. He has a child and just as he’s about to pass on and die, now his son is going to have to live the life he did and go through those same experiences.” This song is often considered Dream Theater’s magnum opus, along with Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle and the Sleeper, showing their ability not only to compose and play their instruments, but also their lyrical maturity. Movements: The Crimson Sunrise (00:00 – 03:50) Instrumental. The opening of the suite with a funeral-like solo guitar playing a musical theme, which is slowly built upon by the other instruments, eventually climaxing in a stormy mixture led by the guitar and keyboard. It is related to fall, in which we
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25 thoughts on “Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons

  1. It’s unbelievable, I’ve heard this song so many times before but there is every time a new great moment!!! My favorite part at 13:00 but I love the whole Track at all…

  2. Dream Theater has been my favorite band since 2005. This is up there as one of, not only among their best songs, but one of the greatest pieces of art EVER released.

  3. The Show More Feature in Youtube is not showing all the info , WHY??? Show more has become Show Less !!!!!

  4. @hayato1ful Justin Biebier is a girl. And don’t you fucking talk about that faggot on a Dream Theater video!

  5. There’s a new gang in town. They’re tough and tight-knit, and they’re not taking any prisoners. Bringing together acclaimed Symphony X singer Russell Allen, former Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold drum virtuoso Mike Portnoy, and Sonic Stomp shred extraordinaire Mike Orlando, Adrenaline Mob is a musical mafia of the highest order.

  6. @duccasto1 I’m sorry I happen to be moved by this song. Beautifully written and played with meaningful lyrics. I believe there is great depth to their work. As for the league they are in, perhaps they can’t rival Santriani but to say Hendrix had more to his music then d theater is just flat out wrong. I think Hendrix get’s far too much credit for his music although I do enjoy many of his songs. I also respect your opinion and see where your coming from.

  7. good song, technical perfect….,but d. theater will never candidate for deeper feelings…,
    its great playing , no question,…but of the point of compsiting and geniality they will never be in the same league as satriani, vai, srv,hendrix…,,i like d. theater but not from the bottom of my heart…,music has no deepness….

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