Don Was – Cowboy Jack Clement – “Just A Girl I Used To Know”

MORE: Jack Clement has written and produced classic songs for artists like Johnny Cash, Billy Lee Riley, Charlie Pride, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and U2. The Old Crow Medicine Show are popular young upstarts of American Roots Music. For this exclusive collaboration, they perform a hit song that Cowboy originally wrote for George Jones in the 1960s…. ACK CLEMENT vocal and acoustic guitar KETCH SECOR fiddle and vocals WILLIE WATSON acoustic guitar and vocals MORGAN JAHNIG bass KEVIN HAYES guit-jo GILL LANDRY dobro PRODUCED BY DON WAS Mixed by KRISH SHARMA at HENSON STUDIOS, LA Video Shot by Brad Belanger Kip Kubin Edited by GEMMA CORFIELD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Johnny Marr describes his guitar playing with The Smiths. “I wanted to sound like an entire record when I played.” He plays his Rickenbacker. “Yeah, it’s all kinda of ringy and melodic, and…. There’s a lot of emotion in there, I think. So I …I play that way cause that’s how I feel.” This is a new condensed edit of a “blocked” vid taken from part three of “The Story Of The Guitar.”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Don Was – Cowboy Jack Clement – “Just A Girl I Used To Know”

  1. Don Was?? That looks like the whole line-up of Old Crow Medicine Show, this is a great line up of my favourite artists.

  2. Oh, fantastic! His voice is mellow and experienced. The great thing about Jack is that his songs are so melodious.

  3. Other than George Jones, this is by far my favorite rendition! So many artists have totally changed the lyrics and screwed up this song! Wonderful!!!!

  4. This absolutely defines country music in its purest form! Cowboy Jack has a golden voice! Great accompaniment and arrangement!!

  5. wonderful honest country singing. Restrained and filled with soul. This is what country music is all about.

  6. Now that’s the way Country Music should sound…not like the garbage they try to pass off as Country in this day and age. Thanks for posting and God bless!


  7. If you look at the backing players you’ll recognise some of the ‘Old Crow Medicine Show’ band this video.

  8. lol, no…the song is actually called “What Difference Does It Make” by The Smiths. He wasn’t asking you a question.

  9. I believe the chords (or at least parts from it) are from ‘There is a light that never goes out’.

  10. man thats an insightful summary, especially the part where you say music should be autonomous.. because it should. Every instrument in music or a song should be like that. Have its own complete voice. Thats why he colors the chords so much because it’s fuller and compared to triads it’s more descriptive and vivid.

  11. I’m jealous of you, awood. I’d happily RE-discover them all over again, because that was one of the most exciting discoveries of my life. 1985. 🙂 And they’re still my gods…

  12. what! thats exactly what I was thinking before I read. His chord voicing’s are just so full and harmonic. They have so much color and emotion.. thats exactly the effect I’m going for with my chord choices. Brings the music to life

  13. you all need to understand something..marr got his sound in the early days with multitracking..he could play up to 7 guitar parts to a song recording them one by one in layers..rickenbacker’s are magical guitars..especially with a bit of chorus or delay to them..sadly they have shot up in price in recent years..I had a 360 once..i wish i could have the inards of a 360 in a 330 body..if you want one of these used id suggest (all of criagslist) or guitar center’s used site…beautiful instruments.

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