Don Ross – Klimbim

Guitar Model: Beneteau custom long scale An original song by Don Ross, from his CD Passion Session available at : Candyrat – CD & Tabs at itunes Amazon Visit Don Ross at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Don Ross – Klimbim

  1. @DonRossMusic Mr Ross, I’ve read such “negative” behavior you speak of in your comment. I’ve read some very horrible things posted on Ed Gerhard video for example- someone calling him a long hair faggot and such out of nowhere. I’ve notice, by following link to those type people on youtube that they have no videos of their own, or their videos are very debased. There are givers and takers in the world. Appreciate you or not, you are a giver of something edifying and not a taker.

  2. You speak as well in words than you do with your hands, keep on keepin on Don, you are the man and you have ingluenced my playing

  3. i appreciate ur humble words, they bring healing to those musicians out there, and me as a guitarist whos around other good guitarist who create rivalries or just play to compete and be the best instead of being themselves and being inspiring to others rather than shutting them down. thank you. God bless you

  4. You came up on my Pandora Bela Fleck station. It’s one of the things I love about Pandora, that it introduces me to artists and music I might otherwise never hear. I love your playing!

  5. Don
    Many of us appreciate the good music you have put out for last 20+ years.
    And all of it remains relivent. in fact, I still put on “the first ride” when I need inspiation.


  6. @DonRossMusic One of the most humble men ive ever seen seeing that you post that when you are that good. Appreciate what you do, i play guitar and i hope to be half as good as you are someday. Your inspiration at its best!

  7. I’ve changed my tuning just to learn this song. It’s a real fun, when I play that. I was so absorbed, that hadn’t returned to standard tuning, but created 3 compositions based on BF#C#F#BF#. Don, thank you for the idea!

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