GUITARS TUNED DOWN ONE WHOLE STEP – Low to high DGCFAD NOTE: To play along with the recording, tune down an additional quarter step. VIDEO + TRANSCRIPTION IS IN GUITAR WORLD APRIL 2007
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Downloadthis episode’s Video, mp3, pdf and Guitar Pro TAB here www.tradebit.com or all 6 episodes in one batch here www.tradebit.com By popular demand – A series of slap bass lessons covering the basic techniques plus some general playing tips This lesson will continue with the concepts from lesson 3 and cover the right hand pluck/pop in addition to basic thumb slap, left hand slap and hammerons.


  1. Thx i bought the cd. Dimebag is my favorite guitar player. This is my favorite song. DIMEBAG RULES!!!!

  2. this is a troll. the secret to this dumb motherfucker is to ignore his ass. hes an ignorant and arrogant worthless fuck who trolls all day hating on dime and zakk wylde and other people for obvious and psychologically disturbed reasons. do not engage him what so ever. its like freddy on nightmare on elm street, if you dont think about him he will go away.

  3. Dime’s my number 1 Favourite guitarist to have ever lived, truly inspiring and nobody can shred like him with such passion and musicality. With the foundation of Texas Blues so inherent to his playing, SUPERB!

  4. Dime’s guitar tech Grady Champion used to tune his guitars is half step down +40 cents from whatever tuning so in reality for example E is D# plus 40cents… or E minus 60cents… depends on how you view it… 425hz is where you should set your tuner and tune as you would!! My .02…. Cheers!!

  5. The 9 dislikes are sad pieces of shit who need to be lined up againts a wall and stoned!! Just my 2cents!

  6. This guitarist was so fucking incredible -9 dislikes ?—-no why they dislike it because they like wham ,duran duran or hannah montanna shit ——fuck them idiots-they have no idea what true ,gifted incredible talent this man had and still has the effect on us —-i liked them when they first came out with cowboys from hell and seen them during the great southern trendkill tour and on the ozzfest tour-he mutilated and still does -his spirit lives —-he is up there in my top five –peace !

  7. Dimebag Darrell
    was…ONE of my Favorite Guitarists.
    Cowboys from hell is one of the first songs i really liked..
    and man.. its just a shame to not have him around today.. i’d really like to listen to his new songs and see him live..
    but enough of that.
    This video deserves 0 dislikes.. and way more views.
    this guy was a legend.

  8. I can only assume “GETCHA PULL” is a lyric from a band donald was in or some catch-phrase of his.

  9. How do you make the volumes of all strings at the same level when slapped? My E string always sound louder compared to the rest when I slap them. It’s a lot harder to make a sound out of the higher strings. Thanks, my learning has accelerated since I started watching your vids. Big gratitude!

  10. i love playin my bass… been playin 10 years… your good too and that makes me =).. keep up the good work sir

  11. I can only assume that the people who dislike these videos were disappointed there are no instructions on how to beat up game fish.
    Great vids and great feel. Part of my daily practice:-)
    Thank you so much!!

  12. hej thomas
    har du på noget tidspunkt skiftet dine pickupper i bassen, eller er det originale tressere?

  13. Yes I mute with my right hand forearm but also sometimes with the fingertips or thumb of my left hand (of the fingers that are NOT fingering notes)

  14. Thanks very much for the lesson! I have a quick question about muting. I am hitting the strings fairly accurately, but I get quite a lot of unwanted sympathetic ringing from the E string when hammering on the A or D string. How do you maintain such a tight and clean sound without any ringing on the E string. Do you mute it near the bridge with your forearm?

  15. you can tell from the sound. passive basses usually have punchy mids, while actives usually have a more “compressed” sound. that’s not to say one is better than the other, of course.

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