David Gilmour Solo Guitar Lessons

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Solo Guitar Lessons PFFan
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Mean Mary and Frank James dueling on banjo and guitar song Joy. Song written by Mary James (with portions of Ode to Joy) – available on album Walk a Little Ways With Me. Visit meanmary.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “David Gilmour Solo Guitar Lessons

  1. better than sex,…I have an orgasm,….. the best guitarist all over the world all over the time !!!!

  2. his acoustic guitar sounds like that because he just used a distortion pedal and some other of his signature pedals to get the same sound

  3. Personally I thought the Gretsch sounded pretty damn cool, as well as the Gibson Lapsteel. I remember just when the DVD came out and looked up the gibson lap steel… for around 1200 pounds you could get something nice, almost like his… but over a few month they went through the roof in price!!! Just goes to show… todays dust collectors, tomorrows fortune!! Last look for one was about a year ago and was over 3k!

  4. Clearly you don’t understand what I say. No matter if Gilmour uses an electroacustic, electric or lapsteel guitar; his sound and feeling with the guitar don’t change.
    That’s the real tone for me, not the tone knob. Hope you understand the point.

  5. Pink Floyd ist und bleibt das A und O

    Bin damit aufgewachen…………… Weiter so!!!!!!

  6. From your intial comment, it was obvious that you chose to come on this site to pick a fight.No one’s a “purist” or an expert or claiming to be.It’s quite obvious your intentions are not to add to the conversations,but to piss people off.Upon your entrance you invite others to leave and now you’re trying to insult me. No one stated equipment was more important than the player.Now you’re speaking for David Gilmour as well.Take all your negative remarks and attitude somewhere else “Hothead.”.

  7. You aren’t David Gilmour, and neither is the other guy. Your contribution is trying to demonstrate to the Youtube world (which doesn’t give a crap) how advanced your knowledge of guitars is. Mr. Gilmour himself would probably tell you that while gear is important, the player is ten times more important. He’d also tell you not to treat him like some sort of God. No one likes a purist. Get over yourself.

  8. Thanks for butting in, but I don’t believe a single word or comment has been directed at you. I don’t know anyone who owns and plays a guitar of any brand or style, especially a Fender who can’t tell you the model and year it was made. We’re on a page where one of the greatest guitar players who’s ever lived is giving lessons in playing discussing guitars and you step in and tell someone to leave? That’s your contribution? Do you believe David Gilmour is concerned about tecnnicalities? He is.

  9. Not everyone is terribly worried about the technicalities. He doesn’t have to explain himself to you. Go be a purist elsewhere.

  10. Bullshit. David used the Black Strat for the two solos and the power chords during the main solo. The guitar still had the DiMarzio FS-1 bridge pickup with custom Charvel maple neck. The main effect of course is the Electro Harmonix 1973 “ram’s head” Big Muff fed into a Hiwatt DR103 head with a WEM speaker cabinet and a Yamaha RA-200 rotating speaker. The Yamaha is mixed slightly lower than the Hiwatt adding a rich sort of undefinable character.

  11. It doesn’t sound like you are a very serious guitar player. It’s hard to imagine someone having a Stratocaster and not knowing anymore about it than you do. Are you sure you play the guitar?

  12. That’s not the point man. The famous black guitar David Gilmour plays is not one of the best made Fenders. Its a 1969 body with a 1957 reproduction neck. A Stratopcaster, like any electric guitar, is largely dependant on the electronics of the guitar and the amplification used to enhance and boost the sound. Post the serial number and I’ll look it up for you, if you like. You may have a valuable instrument and not know it.

  13. It might be, I ain’t the kind of person who can afford picking a guitar basing on its age or special tone or whatever, I was short of money, I needed sth solid, I found the one that is mine now, a friend told me its good stuff for less money than its worth, I bought ir. Since then I like Strats, but still don’t find no artism in buzzing and squeaking. Thanks for the info, will be useful whenever i choose to sell it 😉

  14. Each guitar manufactured by Fender has a serial number stamped into the metal square on the backplate. You can submit the serial number to Fender and they will be able to assist you in identifying the year and model number. It’s hard to believe you bought a guitar w/o knowing the year it was made?

  15. When I said “high gain” I meant the noises it brings to my ears. Sure I like to play some more distorted solo’s, but I mostly use Overdrive. And yes, I love the dirt in the sound of the pickups/amp, but only if they are natural and the whole tune seems to be actually controlled by the player. As for my Strat I really don’t know, I bought a used one from GB

  16. For a man who doesn’t prefer high gain and higher pitched frequencies,the Stratocaster may not be your best guitar. What model do you own, because there are a number of major differences in Stratocasters made between the 1960’s and today’s model’s. The black 1969 Stratocaster Gilmour plays has a switched out 1957 reissue neck. The Red 1984 Stratocaster he mostly plays now is a 1957 reissue. There is a lot of argument in the Stratocaster community about the 1965-1985,

  17. Gilmour’s classic guitar solo was recorded using a combination of the guitarist’s Hiwatt amps and Yamaha rotating-speaker cabinets.Gilmour played the solo using his ’79 black Strat, with a ’62 neck, DiMarzio pickups a rosewood fingerboard, and a custom switch allowing him to turn on the neck pickup in conjunction with other pickup configurations,.

  18. I’m sorry to hear that some of Jimi Hendrix’s feedback and distortions from playing hurt your ears. On behalf of Jimi who’s been dead for forty one years and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, let me apologize for your discomfort.

  19. so….would this be blaugrasse? och der liber!!!!!  somewhere ludwig v b is re writting fur elise for five string

  20. you and your bro are awsome,just started to play banjo you have inspired me thanks loads.xox

  21. Mean Mary, Lord love you, you’re fantastic and that brother of yourn’ ain’t too bad either. Thank you all kindly for a putting this on here for us to watch.

  22. Damn, Mary ,you are gifted! I see now that your brother is no slouch either. Why don’t you both come out & play at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in S.F.Calif. J.D. Crowe has played here & Tim O’Brien…2 other artists that should be better known. Never heard of you til a week ago! Big Red Barn is my Fave. Better bring your S.F. Stetson.(Fog Hat)…and your beach ball. You could leave your ducks at home…There are plenty at Stow Lake.(That’s in Golden Gate Park…Site of the Festival!)

  23. used to see you and frank at reanactments all the time have not seen you in years : (

  24. the little giggles=as she does amazing changes=prisless–im in love–saw you in chicago–awsome

  25. I really love this. Before the month is out I’ll visit your site to buy your music. I’ve been listening to Blue Grass for a long time but quite finicky in regards to the genre. Sometimes I find the banjo sound to “tinny’. I don’t know if it’s due to type of banjo or if it is how it’s tuned. Are there different types that make for a different sound or is it how it’s tuned? I love the sound of your banjo and love the way you play it-fast.

  26. Fantastic music. Thankyou Mary & Frank. One question….Frank, where can I get a hat like yours?

  27. This song is on her CD “Walk a Little Ways With Me” Track #9. I still prefer to watch the video though.

  28. I just love this video. I downloaded the cd “Walk a Little Ways With Me” which contains this song, but if I’m listening to it in front of the computer, I prefer to watch the video. I especially love the 2 or 3 times that you start to giggle while playing. You and Frank both seem to really be into the music and having a good time. It always gets my foot tapping and puts a smile on my face.

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