Cajon basics lesson 1 – Basic Exercises with Heidi Joubert From Fernando’s Kitchen

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Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Luthier Galeazzo Frudua reveals how to keep a vintage 6 screws tremolo in perfect tune even under the hardest whammy bar use. To improve the bending just check out other videos frudua tremolo set up strat tuning whammy bar custom guitar locking tuners guitars strings restring mount strings keep in tune tuning machine tuning gears
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 thoughts on “Cajon basics lesson 1 – Basic Exercises with Heidi Joubert From Fernando’s Kitchen

  1. Cajon is from PERU and it comes from the slaves back in the days when we were colonized by spain. very proud to see someone outside of peru using cajon and playing it well, congrats heidi

  2. Yes I figured that finally, It really did not occur to me that someone does not knopw what a metronome is, but hey, not everyone knows about it. anyway, I am just using a regular metronome, they all do the same thing…. 🙂

  3. Hi your voice is awesome!
    I think you are great Cajon player,but you are a gifted diva.
    I think that everyone wants to listen to your amazing voice more.

  4. The beats per minute, the one that starts playing at 0:48. Btw I’ll be getting my first cajon this week and only going to start off with a cheap one. Is it ok if I link the product here and maybe you can see if it’s ok to start off with or completely rubbish?


  5. Only much much better.

    Hammett is an insult to guitar playing. He allows Ulrich to dictate what he plays, and most of the time he plays in the wrong key.

  6. Think he said it’s a relic strat; custom shop guitar pre-distressed to look 60 years old. Also finished with vintage-type hardware, laquer, custom wound pickups etc…think some even have ciggie burns and rust! Anyway yeah, guitar did have a nice inherent tone.

  7. Dude , that is just sick, do you know how much time and money I have spent trying to keep my american standard in tune? Wow, thanks for the info!

  8. Grandissimo man! Great video.
    How do you get that great tone out of that old beat up guitar? Did they just make them better before, or have you Frudulized it somehow?

  9. Honestly I have no idea why people are still using these crappy trems. Floyd’s AREN’T hard at all to take care of.

    Sure you can’t change tuning much (I’ve gotten away with a half step or whole step with the fine tuners but nothing more hahaha), but honestly, when you do have guitars like Fender strats, you obviously have enough money to have another guitar to change tunings with.

    That’s what I do. Some floyd guitars, and some others to change tunings.

  10. yes. BUT some whore on the internet (go figure) gave me a wrong measurement for how far from the neck to put it and it ended up being an inch too close to the end of the neck. and now the intonation can never be right. oh well i can just get a new body. for you, make sure the body is plenty thick enough for a floyd, and make absolutely sure you have the right placement of the floyd. if not, your gonna have a bad time. also, routing is very hard. i just used some chisels and a mallet

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