50 thoughts on “Brian Setzer Guitar Lesson!

  1. God i love watching this guy play guitar. He really takes the talent/guitar to a whole different level. Could watch him about a thousand times!

  2. i am pretty familiar with Setz, but is there an all instrumental album out there? i’d like to listen to some good rockabilly picking like this.

  3. brian is awesome-a little of chet and gene vincent. lets see a shredder do something that cool. its too bad he is one of the few keeping Rockabilly and Big band swing alive these days-its great music. Instead Lady CACA is what sells-ugh!


  5. was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a tab or score to the guitar chord part he’s playing? i really want to improve my jazz comping.

  6. What blows me away is he’s playing clean with no added effects…just guitar and amp. No fuzz etc. to hide mistakes.

  7. Thanks to Brian and his orchestra who have made Christmas music enjoyable for the first time…ever. No easy feat. Love this guy! There are people out there who don’t enjoy his style of music and i can’t understand that. It’s so musically delicious and happy, how can it not slap a smile on your face when you listen to it?

  8. chillin with the Young brothers and Brian Johnson? and learning their stuff? and jamming with them?

    That’s almost worth my left nut…

    Btw nerdy news guy, it’s not METAL!! Saying that is a disgrace to AC/DC!!!

  9. Geeks like this always win these auctions/contests because they’re good at making money and sitting near computers all day. I have a friend like this. He thinks he can buy skills so he’s got a room full of musical instruments and gear, not of which he can play very well. He’s thew type who would be dumb enough to pay 30 grand to sit with a famous guitarist. This guy should have spent the cash on some Chuck Berry records and fake books. That’s how Angus learned to play. Just copy records

  10. @RocknRollBand97 Sorry, but with the direction popular music is headed these days, I seriously doubt that we’ll be seeing any more Angus Youngs or Eddie Van Halens in the future, at least not in popular music. The days of the guitar gods are long gone and I doubt they’ll return any time soon, sadly. The entire industry has changed mainly due to the web/sharing, so don’t plan your future around being a famous rock guitarist. Do it b/c you love it, not to be famous.

  11. @zagan1 friends at school??!! Bon scott had several jobs and had been in jail when Angus was in school. Read up!

  12. I would give that much just to be in the same room as Angus. He is the most amazing man in the world to me….<3

  13. Apparently, ac / dc no longer play on the stage, /
    This would be just a rumor because it will be strange without the kings of rock

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