25 thoughts on “Brian May Guitar Lesson Vol.2

  1. @daikirainayume I’m on about the way in which I learnt it. That’s not the version I learnt…

  2. @mtsn I hope you’re not calling me a metalhead, cause I’m not at all. Plus I don’t think it has ever really been a thing of EVH inventing tapping, it’s just that he took it to another level and really made the technique popular, like Brian May says.

  3. @jakemk21 metalheads definitely don’t understand metaphors. Also they always think that it was EVH that “invented” tapping, no matter what.

  4. Brian, your an amazing guitarist. I hope to become as good as you some day, or at least close. If I were to meet you, I hope you could teach me something.

  5. great guitar player great hair great personality never burst in rage a very intelligent man i would love to meet this man

  6. i love the feeling he has on the guitar its like he had all in order every note every bend a genius

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