25 thoughts on “Blind Melon – Change – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Songs – Beginner lessons

  1. nice. really appreciate how you slow down for us beginners. I wanna hear you go off and jam any of those vids?

  2. I appreciate your teaching . I learn by learning songs (works for me) Some guys with lessons are kinda more interested in letting you know how good they are and want to tell you what you should know by now. I just want to learn and you make it pleasant. Thanks again.

  3. AMAZING band. amazing song. amazing lesson!

    p.s. anyone else find it humanly impossible to “stretch pinky out to 5 fifth fret, on e string” on the g chord?

  4. Marty man – awesome video once again. you have definitely helped me on my voyage in becoming a mediocre guitar player (ha). I feel if you played the songs the whole way through after each tutorial, it would help EVEN MORE. Just some friendly advice : ) Keep it cool

  5. I’ve NEVER learned songs QUICKER from any(one)thing else!!! I really like your teaching technique…very easy to understand and follow…I want to take my guitar skills to the next level and would greatly appreciate the DVD lessons

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