Beginner Guitar Lesson #3 – How to Change Chords Changing between chords is one of the biggest challenges a beginner guitarist faces. You need to know, that with practice, holding down a chord and changing to another one will be second nature. Learn your chord fingerings well, practice changing in between them, and you’ll see that it’ll get easier every day. Learning to change between chords is a fundamental part of playing the guitar, so practice it a lot. By watching this guitar lesson, you’ll – know the correct technique of changing chords – be able to change between several guitar chords – develop your hand strength and muscle memory The best way to practice guitar chord changes is by learning songs, since practicing by playing a song is much more motivating, than practicing chord changes in their purity. Check out the rest of our lessons!
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Beginner Guitar Lesson #3 – How to Change Chords

  1. ur just swesum!!!!! its the easiest way that i found ever..i hve tried lots in utube and other sources ..finally i think i made it….. thanks a lot for the gr8 class……hats off

  2. Thanks a lot. I thought I will never be able to play guitar because changing chords was indeed a great challenge for me. But you have really made it easy. I am so happy. Thanks once again. U r a gr8 Teacher :))

  3. exactly the same as me lol if you’re using an electric then plug it into an amp, then you’ll tell the difference 🙂

  4. Practice, practice, get a drink, than practice some more 🙂 It isn’t easy for anyone at first, but you will progress with time.

  5. i am dead ! i really cant change chords . i have slightly fat fingers &
    whenever i try to use my ring finger it kinda lets me down HELP !!

  6. I agree with everyone – you literally are the best teacher in the world.
    Seriously man, give yourself a big treat for just being so damn awesome, your videos are great. Thanks very much. You have made learning fun rather than frustrating.

  7. When i pluck the high E string along with fretting it, the sounds comes fine but when i release my finger from the fret then i hear some strange sound while the string keeps sounding!
    Pls help..!!

  8. Your lessons are absolutely brilliant! Started yesterday, and I’m learning so quickly! Brilliant videos

  9. I’m having difficulties on playing without muting strings, mostly the high E with my hand touching it. Any tips on how to get over this obstacle?

  10. I picked up my acoustic guitar that have been lying around. (I’m actually a drummer) and I knew nothing about playing the guitar what so ever. I followed your lessons and could play a little in just a few hours. Inspired to learn it completely now 🙂

  11. I am trying to learn switching from chords and its been pretty difficult. Hope your video helps 🙂

  12. Well, she canceled it.. And now I’ve sold my guitar. I don’t have guitar-fingers, so now I’m focusing on the drumming 😀

  13. Thanks so much 🙂 Just saw his site, it’s amazing and so friendly in tone. Look forward to seeing more of his site and his vids on Youtube. I’m tired of all the Metal thrashers. Good to see such lovely acoustic lessons.
    I guess this vid still deserves some credit for pointing me in his direction. It would’ve been much better if the uploader had simply provided credit.

  14. This video is ripped off from Mike Herberts. The original video is posted on youtube. Just search for his name. youtube won’t let me post the url.

  15. Thanks for the comment. I was able to track down a copy that was not cut. youtube won’t let me post the link but the guy’s name is Mike Herberts.

  16. thank you^^ i tried this for over a year now but still didn’t get the right rhythm… 🙂 now i can go on practising

  17. ttttthhhhhaaaaaaaaaaankkks, been playing since I was four and I still have a hard time with this. (am in the 13-18 age range now)

  18. thanks so much for this! 😀 i’m just learning to play the ukulele an having never played any string instrument before i was having a hard time with the strumming… but this video really helped me out! 😀 thank you !

  19. The video is useful, but it’s taken from some other site/DVD without credit. The guy is saying something “dot com” in the beginning, that part’s cut out. Loved the Brit accent 😀

  20. there is no trick. You have to use your ears (!) and play along the song. If you have headphones, play the song louder on one side, and your guitar louder on the other side so you can compare. Same thing for lead guitar. If the song is too fast, buy a software to slow it down while keeping the same pitch: “Transcribe!” is a very good software to do that.

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