23 thoughts on “Beat It – Igor Presnyakov

  1. I love what he does with the guitarr, he loves what he do with the guitarr.. I dont get how people can dislike this masterpiece! Thank you Igor! =)

  2. Nope. Sorry, but you can’t compare Michael or any of the Jacksons to anyone. Michael wrote this song, so you should be thankful that Presnyakov even got his fingers to it.

  3. I was waiting for him to make a moonwalk on the fingerboard…

  4. There are 2 really good guys, one is Igor, but the other is Sungha Jung. But why Sungha is better is that he plays more instruments.

  5. крууууууууууто!!!!!!!!! хочу так же!!! Игорь вы не могли бы выпускать обучающие видео я даже согласен их покупать

  6. there are few covers where the cover is better than the original- all of igors covers are.

  7. List of skills
    -From another planet
    -Not human being
    -Can’t believe
    -Woow soo excellent
    -Not yet excellent
    -Not good
    -Suck at good playing
    -Easy come
    -Not so bad
    -No way
    -Pretty retarded
    -Justin Bieber

  8. Что сказать? Профессионал высокого класса! Получил большое удовольствие.

  9. fucking asians man. watching an asian doing smth is like watching a machine doing smth rly fast. you wait for him to make a small mistake but then you realise that hes fucking asian, and like machines they make none. they have no emotions D: scary shit man.. scary shit..

  10. Lol I was tapping over this (not masturbating I mean the guitar technique) worked surprisingly well actually:)

  11. Wow when u started singing I had to look back at the video to see if it was really your voice!! Amazing!

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