Basic Guitar Lesson 1 Basics part one Guitar lessons can be viewed and downloaded free
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Basic Guitar Lesson 1 Basics part one

  1. if you’re new to guitar like me check out rexpearson. com it’s FREE!! it has helped me a lot

  2. Thanks….I have been saving for a guitar for 6 months and got it and had no idea what to do with it once I got it except plug it in. Your videos are helping me alot.

  3. wow, watching this video makes me smile, cuz i think i can learn how to play a guitar faster than i thought 🙂

  4. Great vids always look for your turorials before i learn a song 🙂

    Please do a tutorial on Everlast-Black Jesus
    Id really appreciate

  5. marty is a killer guitar player and teacher if i see his video i go straight to it instead of some1 else i dnt like going to any1s but his!

  6. Marty thank you so much for all you do! You have inspired me to play the guitar, and It has been a huge part of my life. Just wondering if you ever play shows or any small events or anything.

    Thanks Marty

  7. @Thisway2Norway yeah dude it’s like that for everyone. You just gotta keep playing and you will slowly be able to play for longer and longer without it hurting. But yeah at first, u can only play for a minute or two….you can press ur fingers into a credit card or id card while ur at school or work or whatever to build ur calluses when u can’t be playing guitar…

  8. @Thisway2Norway you need to build your calus’, I ‘ve been playin about 8 years now, when I started playing I worked at a BBQ joint and every once and a while I would run my fingertips down the grill(not recomended) lol just find your on way to toughen your fingertips other than the strings on your guitar and you’ll be pain free in no time, but remember…no pain no gain! hope this helps.

  9. When i play guitar it really hurt in my left hand fingertips (i’m right handed)… Will it go over? Please answer someone:)

  10. Youre my fav teacher!!! Thank you!! I cant afford lessons so you help me make music for free!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. apology accepted! and thank you for this lesson – do you take requests? if so i’d like to learn how to play the rolling stones “love in vain” from their live album “get your ya ya’s out”. eitherway thanks a lot mate…

  12. Thanks for making it easy to do, some of the other peoples vids are so confusing! !!!!!!!! lm/ !!!!!!! ….by the way i got your e-book

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