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To part 2 From Wiki: Badfinger originated with a band out of Swansea, South Wales in 1961 called The Panthers. The Panthers’ featured lineup contained Pete Ham (lead guitar), Ron Griffiths (bass guitar), Roy Anderson (drums), and David ‘Dai’ Jenkins (guitar). After a handful of moniker changes, in 1964 they settled on The Iveys, named after a street called Ivey Place in Swansea. By March 1965, Mike Gibbins had joined as the drummer and the band graduated to backing locally such UK national groups as the Spencer Davis Group, The Who, The Moody Blues and The Yardbirds. By June of 1966, the band had been taken on by a manager named Bill Collins, who was renting a home at 7 Park Avenue, Golders Green, London, where the whole band moved in with another UK act called The Mojos. The group performed briefly as a backing band for David Garrick (“Dear Mrs. Applebee”) but continued to perform as themselves across the UK throughout the rest of the decade. In 1967, Jenkins was asked to leave the group due to a lack of seriousness. and he was replaced by a Liverpudlian guitarist Tom Evans of Them Calderstones, the band’s first non-Welsh member. As a well-received stage act on the London circuit, performing a wide range of covers from Motown, blues, soul to Top 40, psychedelic pop, and Beatles, The Iveys consistently garnered interest from record labels. Ray Davies of The Kinks auditioned to produce them by recording three of their songs at a demo studio in London

See Music Videos that you CAN’T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. The Album Leaf is the solo project of Jimmy LaValle. The Album Leaf officially began in 1998 as the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, guitarist for San Diego, California-based post-rock band Tristeza. LaValle has also performed in several other San Diego-area bands, including The Crimson Curse, The Locust, and GoGoGo Airheart. Jimmy LaValle had been playing guitar in the post-rock instrumental band Tristeza. Being a multi-instrumentalist, during downtime in the fall of 1998, he began playing drums for San Diego band GoGoGo Airheart. The singer and guitarist for the group, Mike Vermillion (which later inspired the song name “Vermillion” on One Day I’ll Be on Time) recorded LaValle doing improvised material playing to a vintage roland drum machine on a Rhodes Piano that would become his first full-length album, the 10-track An Orchestrated Rise to Fall. Benjamin White of GoGoGo Airheart and Vermillion both supplied added improvisation with synthesizers and vocals to these recordings.

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  1. God, PETE had the most beautiful voice! The closest to his mentor Paul McCartney Ive EVER heard!!! YOU FEEL THE PAIN in his voice in “Day after Day” Does anyone know what girl broke his heart????

  2. Whats the song at 3:42 ? Sounds awesome! Great doc, great band, tragic story.

  3. pete ham’s brother john ham, owned a shop in swansea’s city centre back in the 60’s and my father, also being one of wales’s top musician knew him and was really good mates with him. My fathers other mate was also led zeppelins roadie. So much interesting stuff and some of the biggest and best bands in the world came from swansea. Im extremely proud to also be a Musician myself. Swansea all the way. and im only 18 years old

  4. This is the most underrated band ever. They never made it big but should have.

  5. Great F-ing Band. A terrible shame though.  There should be a major motion picture about this.

  6. So sad about Peter and tommy they could have been rich men now all because of that stupid ass stan polley. A very under rated band

  7. WOW , that song at around 1;20 ..I’ve heard it before and its awesome. I didnt know this band ..HOW ? They were excellent n wow Macca wrote their 1st hit….omg the Beatles are a music machine n da BEST =)

  8. Gosh, I know I loved them, but never realized the impact they still have. I saw them in 72 in a small club in Long Island NY. Although 2nd billing to The New Riders, it was BF I went to see. BTW, they were great! Very sad ending. )-;

  9. Прекрасный голос вoкалиста, красивая музыка,клип все очень органично, спасибо:)

  10. To have lived My life knowing I had the chance of meeting someone I love so dearly makes all the difference in the world…

  11. not to deter anyone from this awesomenessness, but it puts me in the same mood as “I Was A Boy From School” by Hot Chip; more upbeat and completely electronic. idk, maybe it’s the tone 8/ I like this though

  12. The Album Leaf are pretty amazing. Very emotional, uplifting music. This song, combined with the video, almost makes me want to cry.

  13. this truly is music at its finest..the imagery..the ambiantic sounds, the lyric amazed.

  14. Mostly instrumentals, but yes…”One day I’ll be on time” is an amazing album. So is the Seal Beach EP.

  15. i love a girl. this song makes me love her so much more, miss her so much more, want her so much more, makes me want to fight for her so much more. I recently lost her due to mistakes on both our parts. this song is so moving. Always For You. if you have something similar feel free to copy and paste

  16. for fans of modest mouse, iron and wine, and the beatles check out Green Plastic Whistle “I Await To Be A Ghost” on YouTube.

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