Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Lesson Part 1/2

Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Lesson Part 1/2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Josh Middleton shows you how to play the Sylosis track Empyreal off the album Edge Of The Earth. The song can be heard at www.sylosis.com The guitar is a Les Paul Custom Axcess. Very rare!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Lesson Part 1/2

  1. i love how when zacky is giving examples of great rhythm guitarist all he can think of is James hetfield, he doesnt even say GNR’s rhythm guitarists name. Its Izzy Stradlin by the Zacky V. Yes i know theyve had multiple rhythm guitarists but i always remember the original members.

  2. i would kill for syns guitar (not him) if he said i could have it if i went and killed somebody i would do it

  3. all you lead guitarists and music listeners out there, listen to what Zack is saying! you wouldn’t believe how important rhythm guitarists are, same with bass, when you don’t have a rhythm or bass guitar, soloing is just annoying, because there’s no actual sound backin the lead, rhythm keeps the lead on time, plus keeps the key signature in tact, if you don’t know what that means, it’s the sound to the song, that’s really all i can say for that, really hard to explain a key sig with comments…

  4. Zacky really Looks like frank iero,talk similar,are rhythm guitarist o_O!,same age,i’m scare(? haahaha

  5. Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band, and i play guitar, so listening at them, to their advices, is like……D:

  6. @njones1091 Yeah but if you listen to the song one after another you hear that they are very similar.

  7. @ErraticGuitar62 I think they take a lot of inspiration from a7x and I enjoy listening to them because of that. I don’t think any band that wants even an ounce of respect will purposely copy a riff or solo section.

  8. Its simple people, Zacky is a better Rythm guitarist, Syn is a better Lead guitarist, you people that argue about this shit probably dont even play guitar. Go back to playing guitar hero.

  9. @ScreamAimFire111 actually zacky has made a comment on the 6661 thing yes the 1999 thing is true but he finds it funny/cool how it sounds like the devil won

  10. @L0GANTP hmm .. some extra effects just for one note ? im not shure but i got no better answer… i think i got to practice this to find it out 😉

  11. @PietTheRazzor it could be that but ive had people tell me diffrent things, like its from a tremelo or sustain or just multiple effects

  12. @L0GANTP its not like a dime squeal , but like the “flutter” effekt that you can do with a floyd rose trem too .. i do not really know how to get that exactly sound like he is doing it , but i think you some tremolo with your fingers .. sorry i couldn’t explain it better ’cause i dont know the right english words … but i hope you get it 😉

  13. @MonsterMetalMusic Thanks, i thought thats what it was, i guess because the solos played with the backing track on here and he didnt use one it made me think otherwise

  14. @L0GANTP He hits his tremelo bar on the recording, but he can’t do that with his Gibson because it has a fixed bridge so he just gives it a bit of vibrato which makes it sound a little bit like that, but you can’t really make that sound on a fixed bridge guitar.

  15. does anyone one know what he does in the solo right after the bend on the 10th fret where its like he makes a dime squeal? its at 13:11

  16. @MonsterMetalMusic i saw in a interview that they are esupposed to try to make it to the states later this year. if not then next year im sure

  17. @pspvampire It’s awesome! 😀

    Plus, it must be so hard. I have no idea where the dexterity comes from to be able to do something like that lick at that speed. I’d love to have a lick like that in a solo.

  18. arrghh I can just about do the Aminor arpeggio sweeping till I get to the 12th fret A and have to reach over to E on 7th. And if I play E on the bottom string it sounds too deep 🙁

  19. @RancorPsyko Probably because he has cropped the video to enlarge the area where he is playing so we can see the frets more easily. Don’t know for fact but it’s just my guess. Makes sense if ya think about it.

  20. The Marshall head is nice. Had a JCM2000 for years. How often do you have to have it re-valved/re-biased? Had to have mine done once a year without fail and it cost £££££. Hence trading it in for a rack system. Never been happier. Nice tone by the way and killer riffs.

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