24 thoughts on “Allman Brothers – Jessica – How to play on guitar – gibson les paul

  1. i love this song
    though i dont think americans’ll recognise it as the ‘TOP GEAR’ THEME

  2. Thank you SO MUCH! I watched Slash playing this on the final episode of season 18, and I have wanted to learn it ever since. This really helps so much! Thanks Marty!

  3. The thing about you marty is, you just teach us these epic songs, and then we’re all think that we now know how to play the guitar and then @7:42…

  4. Marty, what is the looping device that you use to record chords and then play over them???

  5. you are epic at guitar man, also you look remarkably like bam margera 😀 😀

  6. Thanks for the video! Every time i watch Top Gear im gonna run to my guitar and play to the song!

  7. some say he is the best guitar teacher around..but all we know is..he’s called marty schwartz

  8. Tonight on Top Gear, I wear a hat, richard wears a hat, and james wears a hat…”

  9. It certainly is nice to find a lesson that is not only accurate, but well recorded, structured and presented. Very nice and much appreciated.

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