Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson – Taylor super simple song

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E blues riff. Private guitar lessons available @ Tab downloads available at Check out “The Sringery” site. Very cool.

50 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson – Taylor super simple song

  1. I got the palm muting down no sweat, but I can’t really play on my acoustic because the neck is too fat and its hard to really hold down a full chord, so I play it on my electric and it still sounds good….only thing the volume knob gets in the way sometimes haha

  2. @15978946 Hahaha, yeah I caught it too.

    And how about that older dude from “Lost”…I was like WTF

    Marty always does things like this in his video. pretty sure just to fuck with us LOL

  3. so when do i palm mute? is it on the down strum? any help would be much appreciated! thanks guys>

  4. @DaMuffinman09 just do it with the right side of your hand. . .setting the side of your hand on the strings mutes the strings in between strums/chords

  5. @200Grat Thats easy, it’s a g chord, c major and d chord, use your thumb and index finger to pick the e, g and b strings.

  6. Marty on the intro its open then on the first fret of the A string i have the book with the music an tabs


  8. itยดs so easyy! I can understand everything very good.
    Just with you I understand it.
    Tahnks man =))

  9. around 1:22 of this video, he said:” feel the strings under arm.”
    can someone tell whats that mean?
    is there any video can teach me that skill?

  10. @DaMuffinman09 just need to practice a lot;) i have really small hands so if u have to that might be the reason u think its hard;)

  11. This is the very first song I learnt on guitar about a year ago, from this video:D can you please make vids for posters and inaudible melodies by J.J, I’ve done what I can by ear and tabs but I think it’s time for the man in the hat to step in

  12. If it werent for you man, I wouldnt know what to play, we have the same taste in music! Not just Jack Johnson, but your others as well, and you are either stoned or tired here, haha

  13. I got the idea for a very bluesy riff from this lesson. very similar but different also. Thank you for this, great finger picking exercise and made for a good song idea. Many thanks to you sir

  14. @Sawlon just gone 2.30. had a smoke few hours ago, progress is slow! my sleep is all kinds of messed up with it. but on the upside my technique is improving daily lol

    Thanks Dave ใƒ„

  15. @DrOrphious79 lol I was going to say something, but thought I better not. Ha! It must be one or two in the morning there!

  16. you’re getting sleepy very very sleepy sleep~~~~~~~~~~you’re getting sleepy vry vry sleepy lol ~~~~~~~~~ I like it too.

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