Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Incubus – Drive simple song

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  1. @capturedbytee Oh no problem. For every fret you move a barre chord you move it 1/2 of a step.So if you were to play an F barre chord. [which is a barre chord on the first fret] and you were to move that chord shape up 1 fret it would be F# the next fret would be G then G# then A then A# then B. then C there is no such thing as B# etc. So in other words if you learn one chord shape you’ve already learned a lot.The answer to my last question is question is A .Two frets from G,G# A,

  2. @meglaw69 Thanks for the explaining barre chords. I really don’t know the answer as I just picked up my very first guitar ever just yesterday so have everything to learn and don’t know where to start so I thought of learning to play this. Thanks for your help 🙂

  3. @capturedbytee Yeah you should try to learn familiarize yourself with barrre chords.Start with the basic major chords [ A chord such as G is assumed to be major unless otherwise indicated] If you learn a F barre chord shape all you have to do is move that same shape up two frets and it is now a G chord. So using that logic what would chord would you have if you moved up two frets from G ?…..

  4. @meglaw69 Wow! Many thanks for the info, this is my first encounter with a barre chord. I take it it only appears for the CMaj7 for this song?

  5. @capturedbytee Just to continue my point. See even though the Cmaj7 chord uses only two notes on the 3rd fret we can use one finger to cover the entire fret except for the 6th string E because. the other strings on the 3rd fret that you are covered will not sound because your middle finger is playing a note on the third string 4th fret.So in other words if i finger the 3rd string on the 3rd fret and also the same string on the 4th fret i will only hear the note being played on the 4th fret.

  6. @capturedbytee Yes I know sometimes this can be confusing.What you do in this case for CMaj7 is you lay your index finger across all strings on the 3rd fret except the 6th. This is called a barre chord.So in other words you will be using just one finger your index to cover all the strings except the 6th on the 3rd fret. You would then would put your middle finger on the 3rd string 4th fret then your ring finger on the 5th fret 4th string and your pinky on the 2nd string 5th fret

  7. @baxtersave96 Thanks for that! But what about the 2:00 C Major 7. I have only four fingers but 5 strings are pressed, is that correct?

  8. @capturedbytee X means don’t play that string at all Os mean play the string without a finger on it. Pay it open

  9. Noob questions here.
    1) 2:00 Do you really press the Low E string too? Did you use the bottom of the index finger?
    2) What’s do the Xs and 0s mean?


  10. oh my goodness i saw this video before and i just tried it right now and i got it already, i’m 15 and i’m grateful for you and your videos, props to you sir.

  11. Dude, you have accomplished in two days what my best friend couldn’t do in 9 years. If I need to learn any song, I go to your videos first. You really break it down for slow people like myself, lol. Keep it up!

  12. Great lesson, as always. “Preshate what you do! (Btw, how often do you get the Jon Lovitz comparison? Not a bad thing, he’s a trip!) Thanks.

  13. Hey, I can’t find this E minor anywhere. Its pretty hard for me to play it, this one string always clatters due to my middle fingers nail :/

  14. sorry marty after seeing so many tutorials of you this is just the time that i subbed i wish i did that a long time ago T-T

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