acoustic blues scale – fun, easy beginner guitar

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25 thoughts on “acoustic blues scale – fun, easy beginner guitar

  1. Use pencil and a piece of rubber or elastic. that’s what i use. it sounds quite nice and clean =)

  2. better chord instead of d is one that i dont know the name of -_- slide c up two frets so ur wring finger is on fret five of A

  3. LOL Facts about Jesus XD It’s funny how you think you’re smart and act superior but you’re really just asnother stupid bitch.

  4. ♫i used to… to strum…..than my hands shrunk to the nuuuuuubbbbb♫

  5. How the hell do you do the rythem? Show everything when your doing this “newbie” thingyy

  6. ooo.shes dumb….Just ignore her if she had common sense she would understand that you’re not into religion:)

  7. Cold Play got their asses sued by Joe Satriani for stealing the music from him and Won in court !!! Stiill a cool song !! PEACE JIM

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