5. Slap bass lesson – beginner/intermediate

Download this episode’s Video, mp3, pdf and Guitar Pro TAB here www.tradebit.com or all 6 episodes in one batch here www.tradebit.com By popular demand – A series of slap bass lessons covering the basic techniques plus some general playing tips This lesson will continue with the concepts from lesson 4 and cover the basic “funk/rock scale” – the minor pentatonic scale and trills in addition to thumb slap, pop/pluck, left hand slap and hammerons.
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24 thoughts on “5. Slap bass lesson – beginner/intermediate

  1. man u re amazing! thanks a lot i ve learnt a lot thanks to you! can t wait to see more! 😉 keep da funk alive!

  2. First of all, thank you so much for posting these lessons. My skills on the bass have improved drastically since I found your videos. I have a question for you regarding the slap technique, and I hope you can help me out here.. how do you mute the lower strings when you’re playing legato patterns like in this video here? I’m getting all these unwanted sounds when i’m playing the minor licks on the higher strings.. do you use the wrist/forearm?

  3. Awesome lesson. I thought I’d never learn that line at the start, and at the end, I’ve mastered it! Great job!

  4. if u make a dvd…I’ll buy for sure! master,I always watchyour great video,you are teaching me to slap free,ty master

  5. Hey MarloweDK for some reason when I hit the open E twice I don’t get that same feel as you do? I been stuck on that for weeks could you please tell me whats going on?

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