4 Simple Chords – Guitar Lessons – The Kinks – Lola – How to Play Easy Beginner Songs Acoustic

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51 thoughts on “4 Simple Chords – Guitar Lessons – The Kinks – Lola – How to Play Easy Beginner Songs Acoustic

  1. This is really helpful, thanks, sorry you get abuse, what people will say when you cannot see them, mind you I have come across some that do it when you can, strange world we live in. It is that strange human thing that makes us do strange things but its the same thing that makes us love to do this, and you have really helped me here today, that is a really good thing, thanks.

  2. Great lesson as always! Just one complain… I think The Kinks deserve a much more wide pressence in your tutorials… How about “Little miss queen of darkness”, “Sunny afternoon”, “All day and all of the night”… who’s with me?

  3. Hello! Have you thought about the X7 Guitar Mind Implant (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend learned to play quickly with it.

  4. Great lesson as usual Marty! Even though I have been playing a while you still make it fun to learn these easier songs 🙂

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  6. Actually I was the one talking first and you jumped in. I – that is ME – I was talking about deviant hippie/beatnik music in general and the whole beads and sandals, libertine, collaborator filth culture. Understand?

  7. that’s just a lennon song dipshit!!! We Are talking about beatle songs good sir!

  8. ‘All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance’ at the height of the fucking Cold War? Are you fucking kidding me?

  9. lol but the beatles have a song called why dont we do it in the road!!! thats perverted!!

  10. I like the music. I just don’t like the people playing it and the message they purveying. For example, I like the RHCP’s outro in Sir Psycho Sexy – but the lyrics to the song are perverted.

  11. Beatles are fags. John Lennon was a fag. Anyone who likes the Beatles is a fag. Faggot shit.

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