23 thoughts on “25 EASY Rock Guitar Riffs From Popular Songs ( 1 of 2 ) WITH TABS

  1. I like and look for all your videos. They are fun to watch and learn. You are a very good teacher.

  2. @licksnkicks Lame. Play ALL the songs ,steal a beer, grab all the drugs , and get the hottest chick. THEN LEAVE

  3. Hello Bob, I love your videos and learn a lot from them! Any chance of teaching the intro music of Black Sabbath Sleeping Village with tabs!? Congratulations for the videos! Thanks!

  4. @licksnkicks that’s called ego masturbation, because nobody wants to hear you play classic rock riffs at a party.

  5. @Ozzmaster2112 It doesn’t matter what position he plays as long as it’s the right notes. A on the 5 fret is the same as D open..

  6. Um, Bobby, you’re playing “Smoke On the Water” wrong:
    It’s A&D on the 5th fret, not D&G open =

  7. Blitzkrieg Bop at 4:19 has slight tab errors (after the slide it says 9/9s instead of 9/7s). But great lesson!

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