22 thoughts on “1970 Allman brothers Duane on guitar

  1. So good ….. this is the pinnacle of blues/rock. Music, in any genre, was NEVER better than this.

  2. Yeah, they’re more blues than country, but I think it might’ve been a Johnny B. Goode reference…

  3. God bless the Allman Brothers Band. What an awesome band!! I hope Duane is smiling from up on high. They’ve carried on for 40+ years.

  4. Geeezzzzz guys….it’s just good music…with their southern influences’….what ever it is…it gets the job done…..

  5. People can argue all kinds of stupid shit . All I have to say is ,sweet jam . good stuff that will never be duplicated . thanks for uploading . Modern live music seems to ……..

  6. WOW I totally agree! You can’t replace Duane with someone else and expect the same results.

  7. no. south ain’t country just because it’s south.

    you wanna see country hicks go to montana sometime, or north dakota. Or western kansas.
    but it’s got nothing to do with geography.
    listen to jim reeves or jimmie rodgers and tell me the Allmans got ANYTHING to do with that sound because I’d sell you a bridge for sure.
    The bones of the Allman Brothers is big city blues , Miles Davis, Coltrane. No country to it, and never was.
    country is a state of mind and they didn’t have it.

  8. Hey all of you self-styled Blues & Southern Rock Experts? Quit yer BICKERING! Nobody cares what you think. Whether you like this one or that one and who y’all say influenced whom is irrelevant. True musicians do not try to tear down others simply because they are different stylistically. We leave that to critics and other no-talent assholes.
    Guitar Slinger & Rock’N’Blues Singer
    The Paul Atkins BluzRockerz
    LUV The ABB
    RIP Duane, Berry & Allen

  9. you just said Duane and Gregg are from Nashville….that’s not country?
    And you obviously haven’t been to Jacksonville. Especially back in the day, that place is SOUTH buddy. What are you smoking? These guys are country boys plain and simple.

  10. You got a good ear for music, my friend. Skydog ADORED John Coltrane and right behind him was Bobby “blue” Bland and then of course his great friend King Curtis!

  11. Regardless of how Gregg feels, ABB invented “southern rock”, and if Gregg felt so bad about it: Why the flying fuck has he been playing it for the next 40 years???

  12. I’m 62 seen em live too and you’re right! They were so intense I felt like I couldn’t take much more. Don’t know how they keep turning it “up a knotch” about the time I thought yep that’s the peak, they cranked it again. The BEST is right!

  13. country boys? really? Duane & Gregg from Nashville, Berry O from Chicago, Trucks from Jacksonville, Betts from Palm Beach…… only guy even remotely from the ‘country’ is Jai JJ but even he’s from the coast. Ain’t much ‘country’ to the Allmans, that’s all put on them by somebody else. 0 country in that rhythm section.

    Personally, I hear more Miles & Coltrane in their music than anything else… it’s a Les Paul instead of a trumpet or sax, that’s all…….. which ain’t country really at all

  14. boy DO I MISS THAT P/DOT &AC/GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST MEMORIES (or most) of MY LIFE!
    those were the DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! living in the past can be GOOD!

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