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Blues Guitar Fingerpickin The Falcon in E

Just a bit of blues finger picking on the Gretsch White Falcon unplugged

Blues Guitar On The White Falcon Steel Pick

Just a little noodling with the steel pick on the Gretsch White Falcon unplugged

The Coolest Guitar Site On The Planet!

Well its been a long time since i  stopped by so i will take this opportunity

to thank all the  musicians , players, bands, fans

and commentators for your support and i am truly grateful for your input

without which this site would not be possible…

Thanx for coming over and have a great guitar playing day!

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Quick Thank You – Guitar Style

I would like to thank all the fans of the  site for coming over here and making it one of the best years so far. You keep us going and hope you all have a merry christmass, happy new guitar year and keep playing! See you all in the new year for more guitar playing and have fun!

The Art Of Practicing….

Hi there viewers! Welcome again to and I hope you find what you need right here!

Firstly, thanx for coming bye and supporting the site with great comments and some helpful suggestions – although some of them I just don’t get but I’m just a guitarist myself – I will try to get back to as many of you as I can!

I have had  allot of students and general guitarists ask me how long or what to practice. This is one of the most difficult questions to answer in that it depends on your level of playing and what you are trying to achieve.

What I mean here is when you are a beginner you just go for it in a fairly random order… this is just fine because as much as it is not very productive… it is a hard time in that you are beginning to get your fingers and your brain around everything  guitar and a solid regime that you may adapt later often deters the beginner from continuing… not good. I like to go the softly, softly approach with the beginner so as not to scare them into thinking ” this is too much to handle”, or  “this is too hard”. It is better to give them a song they like to learn, broken up into chords and solos, improvisation, theory, composition, than present a book of scales and tell them ” get these down!”…lol

Rock out!

Rock out!

The more experienced players will have ( hopefully) developed a system of practice that breaks their time up into sections that gets the most out of their practice time. Although at certain levels, that is when you have been playing for many years, practice time tends to get very long. For example, I myself have been playing for 25 years and practice can sometimes  come in the form of looking on Youtube for inspiration, throwing on some music or just going out the back to the studio to jam with the band or computers. I can hear allot of people saying ” thats just screwin around unproductive!”. Yes , but if you play live and want to be creative , you need inspiration and play “on the fly” to create  the moment. All those chords, etc need to be let out. This is where songs are written, riffs are put together and so on – and sometimes at 2.15 in the morning when on Facebook or other stuff you shouldn’t be

If you have been playing for years you can set time aside to practice your  scales , chords , more theory, recording and composition, etc, but nothing beats a lose jam session at times not planned!

In the end I tell anyone who asks, you “practice” when you have time and make  time. You can learn a song while sitting watching TV or you can sit at the computer and learn endless scales, etc. Many times Ive heard a song used in and advert for example then it has  caught my ear and I have picked up the guitar and played the song .. even though I don’t listen to that type of music or style ..  that is actually an excellent way to train your ears and brain to pick up melodies and chords on the  run.. I have played commercials to very experienced guitarists and asked them to play the melody… no chance, not even close and I’m talking long time playing guys who knew their theory inside out but never really got the ears trained to perfect pitch ( look it up…), this is one of your weapons in your arsenal you always keeps with you, your ears are the bottom line. When your tuner goes out on stage or your playing right outside the box improvising.. theory etc goes out the window and the ears and heart take over!

The  art of practicing is in the “art”. You are playing the guitar to make music… not gymnastics unless you wanna shred for a Just remember to take a forward approach in the practice.

By this I mean be creative with whatever you are practicing. Put the scales to good use, play a song with those chords, or  compose something, play the chords in context, pick up an old Frank Zappa book and use the chords you have learnt. Practice is useless if you don’t create and play after it, before or during.

The fingers need to keep moving , the ears need sound, the heart needs to beat to the rhythm so keep playing and have fun! PS check out this guy for inspiration if you need it!



Bad Penny Live In Studio ( Cover)

For those of you who remember Rory Gallagher, here’s the webmaster having a quick bash at the old favorite ” Bad Penny” Quality and sound a bit dodgy, but we just gave it an on the spot, get the camera out go…enjoy!

Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson

Just a quick heads up on the Led Zeppelin guitar lesson. Some of you who have requested other songs, they are quite difficult to transcribe and put out in lesson form mainly due to the fact that Jimmy Page (Zeppelins’ guitarist in case of ignorance) was a true master of the use of open tunings. Allot of the recordings Zeppelin made were in a wide variety of open tunings mixed with standard tuned guitars. This makes it almost impossible for all but the more dedicated teachers to transcribe and teach. Of course this takes allot of time and patience, we will get on the job asap, so keep sending in requests for those much loved songs….now, back to the guitar

To Shred Or Not To Shred…..

After reading a post on another site, I thought about all the time I spent doing ALL the same exercises , scales , etc and then years later discovered that “LESS IS MORE”. Let me explain…for years I played Hendrix , Malmsteen, Vai and so forth until I hit an impasse, where nothing improved. Then I saw on You tube, JOE PASS…. There was the answer all along…as you play for so long you become ingrained in your “training”. You become like an athlete instead of an artist. We are making music , art not going for the Olympic gold medal in who can fit the most notes into a millisecond. Sure its still cool to shred but I watched so many on YouTube that cant put a song together to save their lives…I cant even remember their names! Going back to listening for quality instead of shear quantity turned me back on to listening for “the sweet notes” instead of machine gun sounding solos without a point…
Improvements only come/ came after inspiration not challenge to GO FASTER….

Guitar Tricks Video Coming Soon…..

Finger tapping – scales, arpeggios, triads and a few flashy things not seen anywhere but here! From the webmaster and admin of this site and it will only be on THIS site and on the masters You Tube channel Axis0013 …all free!!!!

Interpreting The Videos

Hi there again!

Been getting alota mails from players and questions are all over the place this week!

I’ll try get a few outa the way.

To the problem with Justin playing over what he is saying…watch his left hand as closely as possible and try to follow the TAB but just remember, all of these lessons and songs are a matter for each persons interpretation.

I am not saying he is wrong….

What I mean by this is each person who watches or listens to all of these songs, solos etc will have their own version of what the original guitarist played and in some cases even the original guitarist doesn’t know or remember what they played. Go back and LISTEN closely and watch the video of the original, maybe you can pick out some notes left out by the teacher, we are human and not all ways right! Angus and Malcom young actually started in the 1970’s around the corner from where I actually live in Sydney , Australia – now that’s allot a guitar playing to remember in anyone’s language! I have seen Angus try to explain what/why  he plays the way he does it and is all spur of the moment with much of his momentum and technique coming from the fact that he is of a smaller stature ( another reason why he smaller Gibson SG model guitars suit him ) and the volume . When you see him bending a string he puts his whole body into it, when you see him play a chord, the he gets the whole shoulder/ body into it! A full work out in every performance definitely!

Second, for the Lary Larry Coryell lessons I would recommend only to the more advanced students and if you are going to try them make sure you have your  theory all together because it is very complicated and I have had allot of students try to go them without the very solid ground work needed in theory ( and of course practice!)

The CAGED system is a “visual” way to teach chords / scales quickly and again I would recommend going through some theory behind it all on the way or some bad habits develop…

Again as with the CAGED system I would recommend keeping a very close eye on what you are playing when attempting the Rock Guitar Lesson Soloing Excercise . Keep the speed very slow at the start and the picking hand as accurate as possible. By this I mean even up/ down strokes and make sure you hear every note cleanly/ clearly – no excessive noise, dragging the pick across strings, nervous picking ( what I call when someone tries to “just go for it” and looks like they are having a fit!) before you try to pick up the speed.

One more bit of advice… don’t just play scales over chords without realizing how they RELATE to each other. No offense intended to the nextlevelguitar teacher whose name I couldn’t even hear on You Tube, but he seems to be playing scales just for the hell of it while the chords just ramble on, not really putting them together at the start of the video. Please don’t get into the habit of “shredding” just for the hell of it….Malmsteen already has the market on that….lol But…..o.k if you must [play 365 no9tes instead of 6 or 7 in key that we could make some sense of… And yes I’ve had my shot at shredding long time ago and am well over it… speed doesn’t equal quality in music!

Learn your scales, learn to burn , then learn when to use it and when you notice people laughing at your playing you’ve gone  too far…. speaking from experience there people!

Till next time, have fun and keep on playin!